LTP Weekend Recap: March 13th, 2015 - March 15th, 2015

Let’s face it, the weekend is a busy time. Whether you were catching up on work or taking some much needed personal time, we understand if you weren’t able to keep up with your favorite source for payments and digital commerce news. That’s why, here at LTP, we’ve decided to compile the key news and insights that you might have missed on LTP over the weekend. Below are some of the more significant topics. Be sure to check out the full articles too!

This Bluetooth Connected Card Wants to Redefine The Mobile Payments Experience

Stratos recently launched its Bluetooth Connected Card service that allows users to sync all of their magstripe cards onto a single electronic card that can be managed via a smartphone application. Traditional cards can be swiped through the included card reader, which passes the information to the smartphone app so that it may be managed and allocated to the Stratos card. The card utilizes other features on the smartphone, such as locations services, in order to provide convenient reminders for use of cards associated with certain locations. Stratos is a membership service charging users $95 per year for access to their cloud-based system, which keeps the card up-to-date on security additions and changes.

For more LTP coverage of the Stratos card, check out the link below:

NXP Launches New Platform for Development of Secure Mobile Payment Applications

NXP Semiconductors has announced the availability of its Secure Service Development Platform (SSDP), which is used to facilitate the rapid production of applications utilizing NXP’s contactless payment solutions. Through the SSDP, developers are able to test and validate their applications on a commercial phone, and compare them to industry-standard use-cases, prior to release. The platform can be used to create many applications, ranging from secure banking & access control, to transit & automotive. NXP is driving innovation in areas such as Connected Car, Security, Portable Devices, and Wearables.

For a more in-depth analysis on]f NXP’s new development platform, click the link to the full article:

LTP Presents: Around the Coin

Also, be looking out for LTP’s newest addition to its payments and digital commerce resources, Around The Coin. Presented by Brian Roemmele, Mike Townsend, and Faisal Khan, Around The Coin is brought to you by LTP, with informative and thought-provoking discussions from a trio of industry experts and insiders. A new episode will be released every week, starting this week. Until then, enjoy one of their past discussions here: