LTP Weekend Recap: March 6th, 2015 - Mar 8th, 2015

Let’s face it, the weekend is a busy time. Whether you were catching up on work or taking some much needed personal time, we understand if you weren’t able to keep up with your favorite source for payments and digital commerce news. That’s why here at LTP, we’ve decided to fill you in on the key happenings that you might have missed over the weekend. Below are some of the more significant topics. Be sure to check out the full articles too!

Gaining Confidence from Apple Pay, Visa Enables Launch of More Mobile Payment Systems

Due to its success with Apple Pay, Visa intends to establish a platform that is not only scalable, reliable and safe, but also has an open architecture and is platform agnostic. Some of Visa’s current endeavors include:

  • Visa and Samsung are working together to bring Samsung Pay to the market. Samsung Pay will utilize Visa Token Service technology to enable Samsung mobile devices to make secure Visa payments.
  • Visa recently began partnering with financial and banking services around the globe. By working to bring mobile payments and banking capabilities to these locations, Visa is working towards integration with Visa Digital Solutions, a comprehensive suite of offerings that facilitate secure payments across a broad range of Internet-connected devices and wearables.
  • Visa has partnered with Bharti Airtel, a telecom service provider, to bring innovative mobile payment services to seven markets in Africa. Visa and Airtel will build on the existing capabilities of Airtel’s Mobile Money service, allowing subscribers to use their Airtel Money account to pay in stores and online, withdraw and deposit money, and make payments wherever Visa is accepted.

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CARDFREE Partners with Bluedot Innovation to Bring Location based Commerce Services to Restaurants in U.S.

This week, CARDFREE announced its exclusive agreement to use Bluedot Innovation’s location services in restaurant across the U.S. Bluedot’s cutting-edge GPS technology delivers 20x the precision of its competing products, without intense battery drain or additional hardware. This, in combination with CARDFREE’s award-winning mobile commerce platform, is bound to shake up the payments market.

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Dropbox Teams Up with Adyen to Accept Global Payments

Adyen and Dropbox are combining forces to to provide international payments services and make Dropbox available across 12 European countries. Latin America and Asia are next on their list. The use of SaaS technologies is expected to reach a value of $75 billion globally by 2015. This means that it is vital that Saa/s providers have the right partners to facilitate local online payment methods for local markets. Europe’s ‘Direct Debit’ payment system can now be use to purchase Dropbox services across 12 countries in the region.

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