LTP Weekly Podcast #3


This is the LTP Weekly Podcast, where Amit and Aditya discuss the most significant trends in the world of FinTech. We specifically talk about how traditional research options are inadequate for innovation in this space, and what LTP is doing about it. Meet us at Money20/20 to see a demo of an exciting new product that LTP will unveil at the conference.

And of course, we discuss APIs, IoT, big data, and how can we not talk about blockchain? In fact, we talk about how these popular #hashtags in FinTech are actually getting converging into use cases that are closer to today and to reality than you might have imagined.

We introduce the new LTP spotlight on Credit Unions. A new series of informative articles that you cannot miss - a lot more to come on innovation in this space that does not get enough airtime.

Finally we talk about the TECH in FinTech, as on palpable display in recent conferences that brought together the development communities at FinTech companies.




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