Lucas Jankowiak Story

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

- Jim Roth

A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish - A Story of An Online Payment-Processing Entrepreneur.

He was born and raised in Poland. Having Lived in Germany and the Netherlands, he has spent his last 12 years in Barcelona, Spain. At one point he even sold his house and car to pay for his MBA. Lukas Jankowiak came a long way before his entrepreneurial dream became a reality.

Lukas is a passionate and challenge driven individual, who values loyalty and trust above all. He is truly a man of his words. As a teenager he was fascinated by the business world; maybe because none of the people around him had ever experienced or participated in any innovative business ventures.

People just waited for things to change or get better, completely not willing to take any risk. That was not the life I wanted to live. I had this very strong feeling that you have to fight for the life you want and the experiences you desire, and not wait for them to be granted – Lukas recalls. I could either comply with the environment around [me] or leave. So I left.

And what a ride it was…

12 years later, Lukas found himself in a different country, graduating from an MBA program and being completely… broke. A month later, a call came that would change his life. He was recruited by a start-up that aimed to offer credit card processing services to online merchants. The start-up’s name was CommerceGate, and Lukas became its first employee, tasked with increasing sales. Then came the 9 years of learning the ropes of the processing business, surviving many trials and tribulations, and finally attaining the position of COO and Head of Sales.

The comfort zone may feel great. It gives you an illusion of peace and stability. In fact it works like a drug. Soon, without realizing it, you become an addict to perks and regular paychecks, willing to accept certain behaviors and finally you turn into a corporate zombie!

Lucas quit his well-paid executive position to again take things to the next level.

I had no idea how far out of my comfort zone I would find myself from soon enough… Lukas reflects.

SecurionPay era

SecurionPay is a highly flexible and innovative payment platform that was born out of need and frustration. Both came from experience learned, especially from the high risk processing market. This particular market required a complete makeover after being fed with the same billing model and technology for the last 15 years, Lukas says.

If you are unhappy, you should most likely try to do your utmost to change that feeling. The same refers to a service or product. If you can’t get a decent one, this may actually be an opportunity knocking at your door! It sounds so simple that it’s almost banal. But it’s very true as well, Lukas continues.

SecurionPay was started to make a difference for people we knew, who were not happy but forced to use certain payment services, due to the lack of an alternative. It was perfect timing because tons of innovations and new approaches had started coming to the online processing industry some time ago. We could see the reception was fantastic. People were hungry for the new cool. PayPal once revolutionized the entire market, but is now a dinosaur (still a mighty huge one), but companies like Stripe or TransferWise have been reshaping the idea of online payments by challenging the way things have been done for years.

Securion Payments Group AG was founded in 2014 and incorporated in Switzerland.

We identified the importance of the developer, often acting as decision maker in choosing the most favorable and reliable billing partner. Our goal was to make this guy very happy and relaxed. We wanted to create a complete super flexible card-processing platform that would be capable of handling any business model; any product type or payment scenarios merchants could come up with! Lukas says.

With SecurionPay, the unique experience of being a mixture of easy, clean, and flexible is present all the time, starting from the moment of registration. Merchants can choose from countless ways of integrating the system to find a perfect match for them and their products. Finally, SecurionPay creates a seamless end-user experience. Customers can make purchases in secure environment that is also fast and easy, and eliminates all possible information input errors, Lukas explains.

Taking a look at the SecurionPay website, we can see it has been designed in a clean and smooth way like the system itself, but in fact the API is the beating heart of the system (and a very strong and capable one at that!).

You want a true receipt for a successful online payment-processing platform? Here it is:

Combine a set of APIs with a very secure token system – so praised by card associations these days – ( and allow developers to choose any programing language they want. Then provide to the merchants sophisticated tools allowing them a wide range of use, leaving them complete flexibility of decision. Next, fix all their major headaches caused by problems around the entire billing cycle. Finally, make it work smoothly, both online and on mobile devices or tablets.

This seemed to work out perfectly for SecurionPay.

But there’s way more cool with SecurionPay.

SecurionPay Checkout facilitates easy integration of the payment form with the merchant's website and gives the advantage of having end-users, who already have their credit cards saved from previous transactions, conversions up [and ]chargebacks down! Lucas says.

Add SecurionPay Login to speed up the registration process and avoid mistakes that usually happens when end-users register on the website with their details. he explains.

SecurionPay has now become a complete credit and debit card processing solution for both high and low risk merchants. It essentially redefines all the processes around the conventional payments cycle. It’s easier, faster, and more convenient than most of its competitors.

As for the future, SecurionPay is on its way to setting up a US operation, to offer US online shops the advantages of SecurionPay and the opportunity to take more control over their processing set ups Lukas confirms.

So far it has been a very exciting but also extremely demanding journey for me. I have gone way outside my comfort zone and then some! he laughs.

Currently we are in the process of looking for a new round of financing via angel investors and VCs both in Europe and USA Lukas says. SecurionPay receives between 10 and 15 registrations a day. We can easily grow a few times faster before we fully exploit the platform capabilities. To make this happen, we hope to find good investing and advising partners willing to support our quest for the most reliable and friendly payment platform for both high and low risk merchants. We are on a mission to make a difference in serving our partners and we hope to become a new standard for them!


Lucas is married to his beautiful wife Agnes. He still lives in Barcelona, but visits Zurich frequently. He is fascinated by vintage and modern racing cars. He hopes to obtain his racing license in the near future. He loves dogs and traveling.

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