Lyft Wants to Provide Multiple Payment Options, Includes Google Wallet

Now you can pay for your Lyft rides using Google Wallet. Lyft’s integration with Google Wallet offers an additional payment option for on-the-go passengers that is easy to use, convenient, and secure. Lyft’s app users can easily enable Google Wallet in the ‘Payment’ section of the app. During the initial setup, users simply select ‘Add Google Wallet’ and confirm their information. Once enabled, Google Wallet will become the default payment option. Users can also add any credit or debit card to their Wallet account or even link a bank account to pay for their rides.

At the end of each ride, passengers can add a tip and submit their payment. Lyft is counting on Google I/O to promote this new payment integration. As part of the promotion, Lyft will be providing discounts to both new and existing passengers attending Google I/O, Google’s annual developer-focused conference being held in San Francisco from May 28th-29th. Here is an illustration highlighting how the Google Wallet integration will look on the Lyft app interface:

Recently, Lyft released a version of its app that integrates One Touch using PayPal. One Touch enables Lyft users to quickly, easily, and securely pay for their rides, literally through one-click, without the need to continually login or enter credit card information. Lyft is also running a promotion campaign to promote One Touch. PayPal and Lyft are providing SXSW attendees a chance to have a slightly different Lyft experience – Magic Mode. Attendees who choose to use Magic Mode in the Lyft app have a chance of being picked up by luxury cars, such as an original Mini Cooper, a 1963 Bentley, the Tesla Model S, and many others. As another gift, free Lyft x PayPal merchandise is being given out by drivers, and $5 has been waived off for the first Magic Mode ride.

These recent news reports highlight how Lyft might be looking at integrating multiple payment options to target more customers. Having adopted Apple Pay last year, Lyft is now looking at other payment and technology giants. Lyft clearly understands that different mobile users need different forms of payment options. For iOS users, there’s Apple Pay, but Android users might rely on Google Wallet, PayPal, or other methods. Lyft clearly understands this and is taking initiatives accordingly.