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M-commerce Accounted for 15 – 17 % of Retail Ecommerce Sales in 2013, as per a new report


The value of commerce transactions conducted via mobile handsets/tablets will exceed US $120 Billion by 2017 with 150 Million users. Mobile commerce growth in US is driven by increasing convenience, value & security available to the consumers via smart devices. Retailers are bringing efficient mobile websites/apps and even delivering omni-channel experiences.

M-commerce accounted for 15 – 17 percent of retail e-commerce sales in 2013. Huge scope of m- commerce, in both online and in-store. Transaction value per tablet buyer per year would overshadow that of the smartphone buyer. Both devices are important for discovery, payment, deals & offers. Channels: direct traffic, email extend lead over social media. PoS mobile payment value projected to grow exponentially. Merchants are eager to reduce service fees and other costs. Proximity marketing and contextual offer will take off.

Table of Content m-commerce market

i. Introduction to the Report

ii. US m-commerce Market

iii. Market Split by: a. Types of Devices b. Transaction Value c. Segments (Food, Retail, etc.) d. Online vs Offline (In-store)

iv. Value Chain Analysis a. Discovery b. Payments c. Delivery

v. Consumer Side Analysis a. Buying Process b. Influencing Factors c. Channels d. Stimuli: Marketing e. Activities f. Product Categories g. In-Store

vi. Merchant Side Analysis a. Mobile website b. Apps c. Proximity Marketing/Contextual Offers d. Analytics e. 12 Payment Methods & Technologies

vii. Key Player Profiles

5 key questions that the report answers:

  • What is the U.S. m-commerce market size, potential & forecast by segments
  • How is the m-commerce market broken up by online vs offline (proximity), and by segments (food, retail etc)
  • Detailed value chain analysis covering discovery, payment and delivery
  • Consumer side analysis – Buying process, influencing factors, online, in-store trends
  • Analysis of dozen different payment enabling technologies

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