How Many Super Bowl Ads Did You See from Financial Services Companies?

Hope you had a good Super Bowl Sunday! The game was amazing, but what stood out was the general disappointment in the commercials area. At LTP, we were hoping to see ads by lots of financial service firms. In fact, there was only one - the one ad by Discover, and if you consider allied industries, then there were 3 to 4 ads including those by insurance companies and TurboTax. And the only time payments was actually mentioned was in a McDonalds’ ad where they showed a new way to pay through selfies and hugs. Underwhelming indeed! So, we wanted the answer as to why there weren't more ads by financial service companies during the Super Bowl.

The first thing was to compare ad spending of this sector with other sectors as shown in the table below:

Retail 16468 Auto Marketers 8892
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