MasterCard Survey: 55% Prefer Naked Pictures Leaked vs. Financial Information Stolen

Yesterday, MasterCard released the results of its Emotion of Safety & Security survey, and the findings illuminate a sharp contrast between what consumers say vs. what they do to protect their personal information. MasterCard Survey Reveals Americans Anxious about Personal Security but Optimistic About New Ways to Pay.

Some of the key findings include:

1. 55% said that they’d rather have naked pictures leaked online than have their financial information stolen or compromised

2. Over two-thirds of consumers are concerned with their financial information (FI) (77%) or social security number (SSN) (77%) being stolen or compromised. Higher than even concerns about their e-mail being hacked (62%)

3. Nearly all consumers (92%) feel they take precautions to protect themselves from their FI being lost or compromised, but then roughly half (46%) rarely or never change passwords on online financial accounts

4. A majority of consumers (69%) use chip cards or plan to use them soon, with one-third (32%) u ...

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