MasterCard and Visa endorsed a new mobile payments, Send a Payment With Square Cash, Secure Payments, Payment News

Payment Industry News for today from our News Aggregation wing

1. Fiercewireless - MasterCard, Visa sidestep Isis and wireless carriers with HCE support for mobile payments and NFC

Both MasterCard and Visa endorsed a new mobile payments technology that could enable them to bypass Isis and other hardware-based mobile payments systems. The action could also boost Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for mobile payments.

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2. Nytimes - Send a Payment With Square Cash, the Service That’s Free, for Now

It’s rare that any new product or service quickly and simply makes our financial lives a whole lot easier. It’s rarer still that the offering is free. So behold the mystery of Square Cash. It allows people to email money to other individuals without knowing their own bank account number, or the other person’s.

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3. Toptechnews - Secure Mobile Payments from Visa and MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard are introducing Internet-based technologies to make it easier for shoppers to buy things at retail stores without pulling out a credit card. The two technologies, announced separately on Wednesday, will give merchants and banks more options for incorporating so-called contact-less payment systems into their mobile Relevant Products/Services apps.

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