MasterPass Compatible Digital Wallet Solution Launched by C-SAM

December 6, 2013

On 3rd December 2013, C-SAM (pioneer in secure mobile transactions technology) announced the launch of its Digital Wallet Solution which is compatible with MasterPass by MasterCard. C-SAM developed the solution for processors and financial institutions looking to retain control over the user experience, data and technology.

C-SAM was co-founded in 1998 by Sam Pitroda (Chairman) and Mehul Desai (Vice Chairman) with Felix Marx operating as its CEO. The company has received a total funding of $2 Mn.

C-SAM offers a range of mobile based apps for retailers, financial institutions and mobile network operators that make use of QR Code, NFC, online, coupons, remote and other payment enabling technologies.

'Consumers are embracing a digital lifestyle and, to meet this shift, the shopping and payment experiences needed to evolve. We are excited to see a key strategic partner like C-SAM launch a compelling wallet solution that leverages the benefits of MasterPass,' said Vibhav Prasad, Senior V.P and Group Head, MasterPass. 'This solution empowers financial institutions and processors to build their own wallet offering - a core element of the MasterPass value proposition - and deliver a richer, deeper, customized end user experience,' he added.

Some features of the new solution:

  • The new solution is available at all MasterPass enabled markets. It will allow processors and financial institutions to create their own wallet offerings. csam2
  • This delivers a seamless checkout experience for customer’s shopping at MasterPass enabled merchants.
  • Users no longer have to enter detailed card and shipping information to complete their online transactions at any MasterPass merchant site.
  • They can make use of the ‘Buy with MasterPass’ button on the checkout page of the merchant website to complete their online shopping.
  • Users can store MasterCard and other branded debit, credit and prepaid card information, address books and more in the digital wallet.
  • The solution is Pre-integrated with the MasterPass APIs and based on C-SAM's flexible MTP (Mobile Transaction Platform).
  • It also offers various options for customization and provides capabilities that can be integrated with existing banking and commerce applications.

'Our digital wallet solution powered by MasterPass considerably enhances the shopping experience for consumers using PCs, tablets or smartphones, and gives our customers a ready-to-deploy solution paired with the capability to enable their own services,' stated Felix Marx, CEO at C-SAM. 'We look forward to continuing to work with MasterCard and their partners to offer attractive end-to-end solutions globally.'

Recently, C-SAM revealed that its newly established European subsidiary C-SAM GmbH, has joined Contactless Mobile Services Forum or ‘Forum des Services Mobiles Sans Contact’. C-SAM has launched commercial services in Japan, U.S, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico and India.

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