MasterPass Is Increasingly Being Integrated at Restaurants and QSRs

MasterCard has announced that Burger King will expand its use of MasterPass to its Burger King app. The app will let consumers know about exclusive deals, locate a nearby Burger King restaurant, check the Burger King menu and provide an option to pay with their phone. In 2013, Burger King accepted MasterPass as a payment option for those who were using its delivery program called BK Delivers.

All fast food chains strive to be the fastest food chain. With this in mind, many are adopting mobile payment methods. Burger King, the second-biggest burger chain, has been experimenting different payments methods to make the life of customers easy.

- In April 2014, the company introduced an app to allow customers to pay for Whoppers using their smartphone. The app gave customers coupons for deals as well as nutrition facts. In order to actually make payments, users were required to load value onto a virtual card within the app.

- In November 2014, through a collaboration with Tillster, PayPal announced the national rollout of the PayPal integration in the Burger King app. Burger King customers were able to make in-store mobile payments with PayPal at 5,000+ restaurant locations in the United States.

MasterCard is also expanding its MasterPass service to another restaurant chain Firehouse Subs. Firehouse Subs will begin accepting MasterPass to make online payment a convenient option to pay.

"Firehouse Subs is excited to harness this new mobile payment technology on, Vince Burchianti, Chief Financial Officer, Firehouse of America, LLC, said in a press release. Innovation and exceptional customer service are two core values that MasterPass and Firehouse Subs share, and by moving in this direction, Firehouse Subs is able to simplify the checkout process and provide our guests a simple, convenient and secure way to place online orders.

A few months ago, Firehouse Subs expanded mobile payment as an option for its users with the addition of Apple Pay to its 800+ locations across the US.

MasterCard first introduced PayPass in September 2003. PayPass wallet service MasterPass was launched in 2013. The reason behind the success of MasterPass as a widely accepted payment option in 23 countries is that it securely stores payment and shipping information. Specific merchants who accept MasterPass as a payment option can be identified if the Buy with MasterPass button is available for that merchant.

Quick service restaurants are focused on providing quality food as conveniently as possible, Michael Cyr, Group Executive, US Market Development, MasterCard, said in a press release. With MasterPass, consumers can go online, place their order and pay with just one click—the hassle of entering delivery and billing information is eliminated, meaning they’ll be waiting for their meal for a lesser time.

MasterPass is increasing its foothold by expanding to new markets with its digital payment service. Consumers can pay for goods either online or in-app using any device. It is accepted at 250,000 merchants around the world and the service is free to use.

Additional Partnership:

In March 2015, MasterCard partnered with restaurant chain Wagamama to launch its Qkr! app with MasterPass allowing customers to pay for their order via an app on their phone. The app works in Wagamama’s 112 branches across the UK. Customer can download the app and pay using any type of credit or debit card.