Maxpay, a New Payment Processor, Will Help Merchants Build a Profitable Business Strategy

April 2016 -- Maxpay, an international payment processor, announced entering new markets with a flexible platform for any type of online business. Unlike its competitors, Maxpay provides not only payment solutions but also the consulting services for merchants to help them get more benefits from the business.

The first major pain of an online business lies in the fact that merchants can't totally understand which payment strategy fits better for their business. As world practice shows, providers offer users only a basic set of features. Merchants alone have to select the payment system and type of integration. Their choice directly affects the development of the business. Maxpay provides users with a full range of consulting services and answers the major question How can I optimize my online business to increase sales?

Unlike other processors, Maxpay focuses on an individual development strategy for every business. The service analyzes a user’s business model to find possible problems. The merchant gets clear recommendations on how to improve the overall business model with the most suitable Maxpay options. A professional team helps merchant easily integrate the payments system into a website. The user gets full legal support including assistance with getting PCI DSS certification.

Maxpay provided services for a big European company with a monthly turnover of over $ 10 million. After the optimization, (the) total turnover has increased by 37% for 6 months. The marketing strategy or traffic geological structure has not changed. The result was achieved only thanks to the introduction of smart billing strategies, said Artem Timoshenko, CEO of Maxpay.

Fraud is the second major pain of an online business. A weak protection system can cause loss of profit, sanctions by the Visa and MasterCard regulators and even a ban of a payment account. Maxpay developed a high-level security system called "Covery" to protect users from fraud and scam. Covery gathers information about the payer and analyzes his behavior. The intelligent system classifies customers as valuable, untrusted or those who require manual review. Maxpay has PCI DSS 1 certification and is an official partner of Qualis and Ethoca, leaders in the field of data security and anti-fraud protection.

Maxpay allows users to provide weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions; motivate customers with trials and discounts; diverse products for different locations; create products in the merchant portal or pass them via simple requests. Users can automate billing and track the business main KPIs.

About Maxpay:

Maxpay is a new payment platform created by a professional team with over 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. The service was launched in 2014. Today, Maxpay cooperates with the biggest acquirer banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Asia. The company has two data centers and its own international staff in several offices all over the world. This year, Maxpay is stated to get a license to issue electronic money in the EU. In 2017, the company will get a membership with Visa and MasterCard, which will make Maxpay the complete online bank for e-commerce segment.

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