Medical Research Charity 'Sparks', Witnesses Mobile Payments via Personalized QR Codes thanks to Barclays and Checkprint

London based Barclays and Checkprint (part of the TALL Group of Companies, the UK leader in the provision of secure paper and payment solutions), have collaborated to bring a unique payments model to 'Sparks', a medical research charity. Checkprint has created as well as applied uniquely personalized 2-D QR codes which will save the organization some money.

'People today are looking for quick, easy and convenient payment options which is driving the demand for mobile payment solutions and charities like Sparks are fully recognising this,' said Milon Veasey, Head of Mobile Solutions Specialists at Barclays. 'Barclays Pingit provides an easy and secure way for people to make those all-important charity donations, at anytime and anywhere,' he added.

  • Sparks basically wanted to incorporate QR codes into its welcome letters for the 2014 Bake for Bumps campaign.
  • This would fundraisers the option of paying in their funds using the Barclays Pingit smartphone app, which has a built-in QR code scanner.
  • Checkprint has previously provided secure, individually numbered credit slips for Sparks. It was able to securely generate and apply QR codes, each with a unique reference to the individual fundraiser.
  • By incorporating this additional personalisation, Sparks would easily be able to identify the individual fundraisers' donations - thus saving a labour intensive and lengthy manual reconciliation process.
  • This project marked the first time that Checkprint had generated Barclays Pingit QR codes.
  • Now it is a permanent fixture on the CheckPrint Solution, the secure cheque, credit and remittance printing system.

'We have worked with Checkprint for a number of years and its solutions have helped us raise a vast amount of money for medical research,' said Laura White, Head of Regional Fundraising at Sparks. 'By generating QR codes for our latest Bake for Bumps campaign Checkprint will save us, and our supporters, even more valuable time and money which we can put to good use in other areas of Sparks' work,' she added.

'We are constantly looking at ways to provide our customers with the most state-of-the-art solutions that also provide real value. Sparkss carries out fantastic work and the money it raises goes to great use,' said Martin Ruda, MD of Checkprint. 'Therefore, we are pleased to help the charity streamline its processes and save on resources.'