MEDICI & IULM University to Bring FinTech Into Master Education

IULM & MEDICI will partner on FinTech modules for the first edition of IULM Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) – an I level master's program in collaboration with Microsoft, Amazon Prime, and ENEL.

The aim of the master's degree is to support the understanding and acquisition of the theoretical and practical tools necessary for the professional and entrepreneurial figures of the future, able to operate effectively through the lens of innovation, digital, technological, and creative entrepreneurship.

IULM MIE will start in January 2018. As an MIE program partner for the FinTech modules of the program, MEDICI brings the industry know-how, talent, and state-of-the-art skills in FinTech.

IULM & MEDICI's FinTech partnership will bring a unique education and training path to students. MEDICI – a global research and content platform for innovation in emerging financial services & commerce – will deliver students with powerful insights and tools to develop a deep understanding of the FinTech industry and the latest trends.

IULM MIE is aimed at future professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs revolutionizing the digital economy and entrepreneurship. The master program offers candidates a sophisticated knowledge of innovative entrepreneurship, business analysis, and development, management, and control tools. The main goal of the program is to constantly encourage on-the-job learning through lectures, workshops, and laboratories.

Together, IULM and MEDICI will deliver state-of-the-art knowledge on FinTech's emerging technologies and business models. MEDICI will offer Functional Labs where FinTech entrepreneurs will deliver live Pitch & Demo sessions to students, helping them to test their knowledge and experiment with use case identifications.

MIE FinTech Modules will be coordinated by Prof. Emanuele Mario Parisi, Ph.D.; currently an Investment Team Member at Anthemis UniCredit LLP and specialized in FinTech and Corporate Venture Capital and Head of Business Planning at IULM Innovation LAB; and Nicolò Petrone, Head of European Partnerships for MEDICI. The Master Scientific Directors are Prof. Angelo Miglietta and Prof. Giuseppe Stigliano.

The MIE is an intensive one-year program that – with support from MEDICI – offers students the following opportunities among others:

  • Develop critical-analytical understanding of the global business, political & economic environment, understand the challenges & opportunities posed by technology and new markets through the analysis of the global network, the economic and technological trends of the future, and the strategic role of communication as a lever for creating value.
  • Consolidate multidisciplinary intelligence and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities encountered by traditional companies and the roles of innovative companies.
  • Learn methodologies and share best practices, techniques, and models of startups with industry leaders and top digital and technological players, deepening the trends and variables transversal to modern economies.
  • Benefit from the international network of Mentor and Advisor from leading professional contexts and academics, with a modern and stimulating context such as the new IULM Campus and the Innovation Lab located in Cascina Moncucco.
  • Develop skills and experience in the field, declining scientific training to operational and strategic tools to facilitate entry into the world of work and the strong entrepreneurship of a portfolio of high-level activities and laboratories.

The deadline for applications is December 31, 2017.