MEDICI Now Accepts Applications For the 500 Startups Accelerator Program

LTP’s new FinTech market network MEDICI now includes 500 Startups, a leading global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator that manages $200 million in assets and invests in 1300+ technology startups.

The partnership will allow FinTech startups to apply for the next batch of the 500 Startups accelerator program on the MEDICI platform. This new partnership provides tremendous benefits to companies applying for the program through MEDICI, and LTP is looking forward to welcoming them into the network via this relationship with 500 Startups.

I was really impressed with the energy and audience when I visited 500 Startups during their last demo day. Bringing together our communities, across MEDICI and 500 Startups, will go a long way towards the collaborative innovation that the new global FinTech ecosystem needs today, said Aditya Khurjekar, CEO of LTP.

Throughout its three years of dedicated deep research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has defined the contours of the global FinTech startup ecosystem; this has been an unparalleled effort thanks to our almost 60K global subscriber base. It allowed us to build MEDICI, the only FinTech-specific market network that helps startups gain premium visibility and contextual exposure in front of investors, accelerators and financial institutions.

MEDICI is the only FinTech engagement platform that provides domain-specific insights and research along with contextual engagement. It is a powerful tool to accelerate a company’s growth strategy through quick identification of target companies for a commercial relationship, partnership, investment or acquisition.

LTP’s deep domain knowledge flows into the MEDICI platform, which in conjunction with curated expert analysis and an intelligent search algorithm, becomes a powerful tool to follow this fast-changing sector that Goldman Sachs estimates to be worth $4.7 trillion globally.

Being passionately devoted to the FinTech ecosystem and its growth, the LTP team now extends its support for FinTech startups by offering the opportunity to apply for 500 Startups Accelerator in San Francisco, a 4-month accelerator programs for startups.

500 Startups built one of the most successful accelerator programs and gathered a set of some of the most innovative and powerful partners and mentors to bring up the next generation of disruptors in its 18th batch program. Among the partners supporting 500 Startups are companies like Microsoft, IBM, AWS and other notable companies.

In addition to insights and advice, the partners are all about creating 1:1 relationships with founders, helping them with not only the professional, but the personal struggles that go with running an early-stage company.

Emphasizing the market segments of the highest interest, Sheel Mohnot, Partner at 500 Startups, commented, [500 Startups] Looking to bring in an assortment (10-12) great companies across insurance, lending, capital markets, crowdfunding, payments, blockchain and others.

In collaboration with MEDICI, Mr. Mohnot is looking to provide founders with an opportunity to access a vast platform and shed barriers between startups and the community of professionals and innovators.

Why join 500 Startups Accelerator now

  • Advice: Startups will get access to a network of 1000+ founders, 200+ mentors, and 500 Startups’ staff, who will provide guidance when it's needed the most. Having extensive experience working with startups, 500 Startups will make sure entrepreneurs don’t make the same mistakes made by startups before.
  • Curriculum: 500 brings in a wide variety of experts focused on marketing, culture, startup accounting, product design, mobile, user testing, sales, and more. It’s like a Startup MBA on steroids, as the company describes it.
  • Hands-on support: Startups live (some too literally) in the provided office space for four months. The 500 Startups team will work together with entrepreneurs on their business and product strategy, growth and metrics and investor pitches.
  • Connections: Thanks to a massive network of 500 Startups, participating startups build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their size without 500. Need an intro to a customer? Early access to a new platform feature? API access blocked? Stuck at the border? 500 Startups has connections.
  • Funding: Being a 500 Startups company will not only validate a business, but will also allow participants to connect with investors at the right time through the vast connections of 500. The Demo Day organized by 500 Startups is also a great opportunity to meet and pitch to people who might provide funding.

The benefits for startups applying for 500 Startups Accelerator through MEDICI

  • All startups submitting applications through MEDICI for the next batch of 500 Startups Accelerator in San Francisco will receive a $900 bonus from the accelerator to obtain the MEDICI startup plan for one year.
  • In addition to $900-value annual plan, startups applying to 500 Startups Accelerator program through MEDICI will receive premium exposure to 75+ FinTech-specific investors and 150+ financial institutions globally.
  • Finally, applicants will be granted an opportunity to share their progress with more than 60K industry professionals subscribed to LTP ( via one free press release a month for one year.

How to apply for 500 Startups Accelerator program in San Francisco through MEDICI

  • In order to apply for the 18th batch of the accelerator program in San Francisco with 500 Startups, startups need to register on
  • After the registration, applicants need to update their profile with the most current and complete information about the company.
  • A startup can get featured as a Rocket Profile by completing 80% of the Rocket Fields in the company update form.
  • Having completed all previous steps, startups can easily apply for the next batch of the accelerator program with one click on the MEDICI page of 500 Startups.

More details about the program can be found here. The deadline for applications is June 20 and the batch begins on July 19, 2016 in San Francisco.