MEDICI Now! The Exporo AG Story – Connecting Private Investors With Real Estate Developers via Technology

MEDICI now! startup stories highlight the companies that are shaping the new FinTech industry. On the quest to shed light on some of the most talented FinTech entrepreneurs developing innovative technology solutions for the financial sector, the LTP Team had a pleasure to connect with Simon Brunke, Founder & CEO of Exporo AG, a crowdinvesting platform that connects private investors with real estate developers.

LTP Team: Simon, please tell us about yourself.

Simon Brunke: During my business studies I founded my first company in the financial services sector in 2004, headed this business as its CFO, grew it to more than 600 employees and sold in 2013. As a specialist in the field of financial services, I followed the developments in the real estate industry closely and saw great potential in FinTech companies. By founding Exporo in 2014, I was able to combine both areas: together with my three business associates, we developed a digital platform for real estate crowdfunding.

LTP Team: Give us a paragraph pitch for your company

Simon Brunke: Exporo is a crowdinvesting platform that grants everyone access to professional and attractive real estate projects. The company was founded in 2014 by Simon Brunke, Dr. Björn Maronde, Tim Bütecke and Julian Oertzen. Since 2014, our FinTech startup has successfully funded more than 60 real estate projects and has intermediated over €80 million. Over €13 million have been successfully repaid to investors.

LTP Team: In a sentence or two, what problems are you solving today?

Simon Brunke: Exporo solves the problem of access to professional real estate. We reduce the cost of mediation and create the possibility to diversify – even from small amounts.

LTP Team: Who are you selling to?

Simon Brunke: Exporo is a digital marketplace where private investors who are seeking real estate investment opportunities, and real estate developers seeking for capital, have a new contact point that perfectly fits their needs.

LTP Team: How does Exporo differentiate from competitors?

Simon Brunke: Exporo has over five years of experience working with crowds who invest between €500 EUR and €10,000. Our projects always have a share of the developer's equity and, most often, a guarantee to reduce the risk. We have already co-financed more than 60 real estate projects and tested more than 1,000 projects.

We have 73 employees, in addition to experienced property specialists, our own IT department. Exporo has an excellent customer service, which is also personally available for inquiries about risk or data protection: by telephone or in the Hamburg office.

For an investment spread, the investor finds six to eight new projects per month and can, therefore, spread extremely widely via an access – no other platform offers this. The real estate portfolio at Exporo is broadly based: portfolio and new development properties with a focus on residential properties, but in part also exciting offers from the area of business, care and hotels – nationwide.

LTP Team: What is the next milestone you have for the company?

Simon Brunke: Our ambitious goal is to improve existing, already successful processes, in order to gradually increase the investment volumes via our platform. A new investment product is also expected to be available in the fourth quarter: we are currently preparing bonds.

In the short term, there will always be projects in which the above-mentioned model with a purpose-built, special-purpose society comes into play, whereby, for example, we can offer collateral such as basic debt or investments in first-rate secured loans.