MEDICI talent: Connecting the Best With the Best

New job portal allows candidates and employers to find and post FinTech Jobs

We are excited to announce MEDICI talent! A job portal for employers and professionals in the FinTech industry to find each other, knowing that both the job listings and candidate applications will be curated with the same context and domain understanding that LTP brings to all its offerings in FinTech.

At Let’s Talk Payments, we have taken an organic approach to building our portfolio of offerings for the FinTech industry. Everything we have invested in has been a direct customer request. We involve them very early in the design and rollout of new products and services. LTP has grown into the #1 global insights platform, of the industry, for the industry, by the industry with the highest engagement metrics from our daily audience of 100,000+. After more than a year of expansion in a public beta, MEDICI now hosts 7500+ companies, large and small, in addition to investors and other organizations who depend on us for collaborative innovation in FinTech.

In recent months, CEOs and hiring managers at companies in our client network have shared their challenges in finding the right talent for their growing teams. As our industry grows, the problem of identifying and attracting the best candidates for open positions is becoming increasingly acute. We are well aware of this difficulty, which is why we launched our own candidate outreach program to fill open positions within our company. In a matter of days, we received hundreds of high-quality applications, and many of them are already getting on board the LTP rocketship!

Now, after learning what works for attracting talent to our company, we are opening up this service to the greater FinTech ecosystem. We are grateful to our launch partners who are seeking to fill open positions on MEDICI talent. Check out open positions at Microsoft, Yodlee, Payfone, Abra, Cardinal Solutions, InstaReM, UBack, Active Ai and of course our own positions at LTP/MEDICI.

Rodger Desai, CEO of Payfone, emphasized the need for a jobs platform focused on FinTech, We are a fast-growing company with high expectations of readiness in a very dynamic and complex industry. The LTP team and their MEDICI platform have exactly what it takes to identify the best candidates for the hardest to fill positions in FinTech. We are excited to partner with LTP as they expand the MEDICI portfolio.

MEDICI talent is completely free for employers and candidates during beta. If you have hiring needs at your company, please visit our site and submit up to three open positions online today. New positions will be added every day!

Our inclusive approach to FinTech growth is another unique aspect of all our offerings, and MEDICI talent is no different. We believe in collaboration, curation, community, and context for all our offerings with content as the common connector for us to strengthen and grow our industry.

Inclusion also means promoting and enabling diversity in all its forms, both globally and locally. We work closely with local innovation ecosystems around the world – from Atlanta to Bangalore to Charlotte to Chicago to Hong Kong to Milan to Mumbai to Pune to San Francisco to Seattle to Singapore to St. Louis... And MEDICI connects them all digitally, along with insightful content from LTP every day.

MEDICI talent now adds another dimension to this global connective tissue that will allow the best innovators, companies, and individuals – no matter which corner of the world or which corner of the FinTech ecosystem – to connect with each other, and create more innovations and innovators for the industry to benefit from!

Again, for a limited time, MEDICI talent is completely free for employers and candidates during this beta period. Visit us today or reach out with questions and feedback to

Let’s go!