MEDICI Welcomes FinTech FUSION Accelerator Onboard: Applications Are Now Open on GoMEDICI.Com

LTP’s new FinTech market network MEDICI now includes FinTech FUSION, a 12-month acceleration program taking place in Geneva with aim to move startups from beta to revenues.

The partnership will allow FinTech startups to apply for the second batch of the FinTech FUSION acceleration program on the MEDICI platform. This new partnership provides tremendous benefits to companies applying for the program through MEDICI, and LTP is looking forward to welcoming them into the network via this relationship with FinTech FUSION.

We have invested tens of thousands of hours in producing the highest quality proprietary research for the FinTech ecosystem. With this partnership, companies applying for the FinTech FUSION Accelerator will benefit from the much better-informed decisions on partnership and investment that all stakeholders will be able to make using MEDICI, said Amit Goel, MD and Co-founder of LTP, who has led the content curation for the company since 2013.

Throughout its thre ...

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