MEDICI Welcomes FinTech FUSION Accelerator Onboard: Applications Are Now Open on GoMEDICI.Com

LTP’s new FinTech market network MEDICI now includes FinTech FUSION, a 12-month acceleration program taking place in Geneva with aim to move startups from beta to revenues.

The partnership will allow FinTech startups to apply for the second batch of the FinTech FUSION acceleration program on the MEDICI platform. This new partnership provides tremendous benefits to companies applying for the program through MEDICI, and LTP is looking forward to welcoming them into the network via this relationship with FinTech FUSION.

We have invested tens of thousands of hours in producing the highest quality proprietary research for the FinTech ecosystem. With this partnership, companies applying for the FinTech FUSION Accelerator will benefit from the much better-informed decisions on partnership and investment that all stakeholders will be able to make using MEDICI, said Amit Goel, MD and Co-founder of LTP, who has led the content curation for the company since 2013.

Throughout its three years of dedicated deep research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has defined the contours of the global FinTech startup ecosystem; this has been an unparalleled effort thanks to our almost 60K global subscriber base. It allowed us to build MEDICI, the only FinTech-specific market network that helps startups gain premium visibility and contextual exposure in front of investors, accelerators and financial institutions.

MEDICI is the only FinTech engagement platform that provides domain-specific insights and research along with contextual engagement. It is a powerful tool to accelerate a company’s growth strategy through quick identification of target companies for a commercial relationship, partnership, investment or acquisition.

LTP’s deep domain knowledge flows into the MEDICI platform, which in conjunction with curated expert analysis and an intelligent search algorithm, becomes a powerful tool to follow this fast-changing sector that Goldman Sachs estimates to be worth $4.7 trillion globally.

Being passionately devoted to the FinTech ecosystem and its growth, the LTP team now extends its support for FinTech startups by offering the opportunity to apply for FinTech FUSION, a 12-month acceleration program in Geneva, Switzerland.

FUSION capitalizes on Switzerland’s position as a global hub for financial services as well as its world-beating reputation for innovation to drive the FinTech agenda. FUSION aims to fuse the best of Switzerland with the most promising FinTech talent to lead innovation in financial services.

Why join FinTech FUSION now

Fusion, launched in February 2015, is the creation of Polytech Ventures, a VC firm based out of the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL). The project brings together a broad group of stakeholders:

  • Corporate members such as SwissCard, BNP Paribas, Temenos and Notz Stucki, which provide sponsorship and mentoring
  • Resource partners, such as Capco, Kudelski Security, Arcanys and Interactive Data, which provide technology consulting
  • Law firm id est avocats, which provides corporate and technology law expertise, and academic partners, including IDIAP (independant research institute affiliated with EPFL), which provide access to cutting edge research and facilities.

While most of regular incubators offer a three-month program, FinTech FUSION believes a longer duration is needed in order to make a difference in a company’s life, which is why the company has designed a 12-month program for the highest impact on the success of startups. FUSION gives the opportunity for startups to be mentored by leading companies in their field and takes no upfront equity stake and has a multi-sector and multi-partners approach.

FUSION has over 650 square meters of premium city center space, largely open plan but with plenty of breakout areas for brainstorming, chill-out zones, recreational areas – all with state-of-art IT infrastructure.

FinTech FUSION has the successful experience of accelerating growth of startups accepted to the previous batch. Among startups that were granted a chance to get exposed to the vast network of financial industry professionals were AceBanker, BIOWATCH, DXMarkets, Edge Laboratories, eINS, Fundrs, KYC3, Investivity, Scanye and Wecan.Fund. These startups were selected from more than 100 applicants from 37 countries.

Sébastien Flury, Program Director, commented on the strategic goals and targets for FinTech FUSION 2016–2017:

FinTech FUSION wants to keep driving the digital transformation of Switzerland as a global financial hub. Our goal is to fuse the best of Switzerland with the most promising FinTech talents from around the world to lead innovation in financial services. Switzerland is a world leader in wealth management, asset management, insurance and commodities trading. We are therefore looking for startups operating on these sectors, although we will consider applications coming from any area of financial services.

The benefits for startups applying for FinTech FUSION acceleration program through MEDICI

Outlining the benefits of the partnership between FinTech FUSION and MEDICI, Mr. Flury has commented, As FinTech FUSION is looking for the best talents for its acceleration program, MEDICI makes a lot of sense for us since we can leverage its growing community to get in touch with FinTech startups coming from around the world. In addition to MEDICI, having the opportunity to be featured on LTP brings us a worldwide coverage as an acceleration program and also allows us to show the growing importance as well as the quality of Switzerland as a global financial hub.

The community, which features investors, entrepreneurs, startups, offers endless networking opportunities to FinTech FUSION and our startups. We are also thrilled to provide our startups with the startup plan to give them as many weapons as possible to succeed in the Fintech industry.

Indeed, all startups submitting applications through MEDICI for the next batch of the FinTech FUSION acceleration program will receive a $900 bonus from the accelerator to obtain the MEDICI startup plan for one year.

As Mr. Flury emphasized, in addition to $900-value annual plan, startups applying to the FinTech FUSION program through MEDICI will receive premium exposure to 75+ FinTech-specific investors and 150+ financial institutions globally.

Finally, applicants will be granted an opportunity to share their progress with more than 60K industry professionals subscribed to LTP ( via one press release a month for one year.

How to apply for FinTech FUSION acceleration program through MEDICI

  • In order to apply for the next batch of the accelerator program with FUSION, startups need to register on
  • After the registration, applicants need to update their profile with the most current and complete information about the company.
  • A startup can get featured as a Rocket Profile by completing 80% of the Rocket Fields in the company update form.
  • Having completed all previous steps, startups can easily apply for the next batch of the accelerator program with one click on the MEDICI page of FUSION.

More details about the program can be found here. Final deadline for startups to apply is June 12, after which FUSION will no longer consider applications. In order to qualify for FUSION, startups need to have at least a working prototype.