Meet 5 FinTech Startups That Make Entrepreneurship Easier in Brazil

Entrepreneurs in Brazil are already facing many challenges that can hinder their growth. The majority of these problems include bureaucracy, taxation and accountability. Thinking about solutions for this audience, FinTech startups have developed ways to improve the relation of companies, especially small-and medium-sized startups, with management and collections.

Below are some of the most interesting examples of FinTech companies that have captured users and attracted the attention of investors in Brazil.


Launched in 2012, Nibo proposes to simplify processes in the accounting department. The tool relies on services ranging from issuing notes and tickets to integrating the application with the bank account for flow conferencing.

The company received R$ 20 million in funding in May. And the venture round was led by Swedish investor Vostok Emerging Finance in partnership with Redpoint and Valor Capital Group. According to Nibo, the investment will be destined to the development, and new functionalities will be introduced to its products.

Nibo does not disclose the total number of its customers, but it includes large franchises of various sectors such as Spoleto, Mundo Verde and Arezzo.


Established in 2013, ASAAS was developed to help entrepreneurs in diverse sectors make collections more simple and less embarrassing for both debtors and creditors. Through the tool, charges can be made by email or SMS. Payment methods include ticket, transfer and credit card.

What’s more, ASAAS received R$ 2.5 million this year in a venture round led by the Cventure Primus Funds, which had already invested R$ 2 million in the company in a previous investment round. In addition, ASAAS received R$ 1.6 million from angel investors. In 2016, the company reached 314% growth in revenue.


Founded in 2012, Contabilizei is an accounting services company that focuses on such professional occupations as lawyers, architects and doctors. This company received an undisclosed amount of investments from Kaszek Ventures, e.Bricks and Endeavor Catalyst.

The company has 5,000+ customers today. The founder and CEO, Vitor Torres, commented on the growth of the company: "In 2016, we have doubled our customer base compared to 2015. For this year, the forecast is that Contabilizei grows three times, driven by the latent need of micro- and small entrepreneurs who need to keep up with their accounting without paying dearly for it."


In 2011, when the company was called ÁgilERP, it was selected for 500 Startups Accelerator. In partnership with Pipedrive, the company offers an integrated management system that aggregates sales processes such as CRM, including financial features such as ticketing. The company was rebranded as ContaAzul in 2012; it received funds from Monashees Capital, Napkn Ventures, and a new contribution from 500 Startups.

Later on, ContaAzul also received investments of undisclosed amounts from Ribbit Capital and Tiger Global. While the company does not publicize the total number of customers, it discloses that an average of 1,500 new customers is added per month, with double revenues in 2016.


Launched in 2016, Moneto assists customers to collect and negotiate debts. In just one year, the company attracted 2,000+ clients and received the FinTech Awards Latam 2017 in the financial inclusion category.

The company received R$ 2.5 million in funding from the Paulista Innovation Funds, managed by SP Ventures. Today, Moneto is part of Campus, Santander and Artemisia accelerator programs.

"As we passed the phase of proving the thesis of our business, we have a short-term target of 50,000 registered customers in the next 18 months," said Marcos Arruda, the founder of Moneto.

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