Merchant Warehouse Integrates PayPal with Genius Customer Engagement Platform

On Aug. 4, 2014, payment-technology leader Merchant Warehouse announced the integration of PayPal with the Genius Customer Engagement Platform. The move will make PayPal’s in-store payments available to thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses in the U.S., without requiring merchants to make additional investments in POS hardware or software.

The GeniusCustomer Engagement Platform supports mobile commerce and traditional payments on the merchant countertop from a single customer-engagement device.

  • This integration provides a seamless payment solution for customers and businesses, says Merchant Warehouse.
  • PayPal acceptance can be activated by businesses that have Genius-enabled POS systems, which enable direct integration into the PayPal app.
  • Customers can use the app to 'check in' to let businesses know they are ready to pay with PayPal, which results in a faster and simpler payment experience.
  • The Genius Customer Engagement Platform enables businesses to offer their customers a convenient PayPal payment experience in-store.
  • According to the company, Genius also eliminates the time, money and hassle typically involved with adding new payment-acceptance capabilities to the POS.
  • PayPal is activated virtually with the Genius Platform, hence businesses are not required to upgrade or change POS software or hardware.

'Businesses want to keep up with the constantly-evolving payments industry, stated Merchant Warehouse CEO Henry Helgeson in a press release. PayPal and Genius are working together to ensure this is not only possible, but easy, too. With Genius, business owners and customers can automatically take advantage of everything new payment technologies have to offer, without making any additional investments in technology. By removing a big hurdle for business owners, we're helping drive the adoption of innovative payment technologies like PayPal.

Merchant Warehouse offers innovative payment solutions that help online and brick-and-mortar retailers, point-of-sale (POS) developers, value-added resellers and agents strategically expand their businesses. Merchant Warehouse says it is one of the fastest-growing payment-technology companies in North America.