Mobile Commerce Shopping App Slyde, Enabled by DoubleBeam’s GoPago POS System

On 10th July 2014, DoubleBeam announced that its GoPago POS system, the leading Android point-of-sale (POS) that helps merchants grow and manage their business, is now enabling Slyde, the U.S.'s first mobile commerce beacon-enabled shopping app.

'The integration with GoPago will truly help our retail partners grow their business, while enabling a more personalized, rewarding and convenient shopping experience for consumers using Slyde,' stated Kihyun Jung, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer of SK Planet, Inc., the innovators of Slyde, in a press release. 'Utilizing beacon technology for the first time in a retail environment, Slyde customers will be notified of available discounts right when they're most relevant and with the added convenience of paying with their phone in a fast and easy check out experience on the GoPago system.

Beginning with a pilot at select retailers this week in Berkeley, California, Slyde will use beacons to help retailers connect with customers in the store, attract those nearby with 'reel-in' real-time offers, and speed up the checkout process via an integration with DoubleBeam's GoPago POS Systems.

  • This partnership now offers the first truly one-stop solution for small business payments and loyalty offerings.
  • An innovative customer loyalty, marketing and payment technology, Slyde is the next evolution of mobile commerce for small to medium size businesses.
  • Slyde has been integrated with DoubleBeam's GoPago POS system to enable loyalty program software and secure touch-less payment technology within a single, comprehensive system.
  • The GoPago system is a market-leading Android POS that enables merchants to grow and manage their business at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.
  • Through the GoPago consumer app and now via Slyde, merchants can attract new customers, streamline loyalty and incentives, as well as speed up the checkout experience
  • With data in the cloud and 4G/WiFi connectivity, it also gives merchants the ability to view activity and manage their business from anywhere.
  • Users of Slyde will be able to see and save offers ahead of time and be automatically notified of deals when they are close to participating retailers.
  • When it's time to check out, discounts will automatically be applied and payment processed without users ever having to pull out their wallet or phone.
  • Beacons connect Slyde users' smartphones to the GoPago POS system, so when they walk up to the counter a retailer can see their picture, profile, and appropriate discounts.
  • When it's time to pay the total is charged to the users' credit card information stored securely in the cloud.

'SK Planet is bringing the power of their leading mobile commerce technology to the U.S. for the first time and we're proud to be an early partner, commented Ted Tekippe, DoubleBeam's CEO, in the same release. Together this strong partnership will continue to advance our merchant solutions. Retailers can now enjoy the advanced technology of our robust, cloud-based GoPago POS system, coupled with customer-centric marketing solutions to help drive a deeper relationship with their customers.'

About SK Planet, Inc.

Slyde is an innovation of SK Planet, Inc., the US-based mobile commerce subsidiary affiliated with S. Korean wireless giant SK Telecom. SK Planet, Inc. is focused on US-centric mobile apps and solutions to enhance the everyday consumer experience on mobile devices. SK Planet Inc.'s parent company based in Seoul, Korea operates that country's most successful cross-channel web and mobile platforms, including Ok Cash Bag, which is the largest consumer rewards program with 37 million members and 50,000 partnering merchants, T-Store which is the world's third largest mobile app store, and 11th street which is the most popular virtual mobile commerce marketplace.

About DoubleBeam

DoubleBeam provides mobile commerce solutions to retailers and other merchants. Their GoPago Point of Sale System is a robust, cloud-based system running on an Android tablet designed to let small to mid-sized businesses and professional foodservice providers scale flexibly with the growth of their business. DoubleBeam's white-labeled mobile payments technology solutions is designed to easily integrate into any existing mobile application or digital wallet. DoubleBeam's technology solutions have been deployed by mobile commerce providers, retailers and point-of-sale (POS) vendors, delivering an enhanced end-user experience, driving out costs by virtually eliminating transaction fees, and leveraging captured data to deliver more targeted, relevant offers and rewards/loyalty programs.