Mobile Paired Television Commerce – See It, Shop It!

Television-commerce is the innovative concept of buying and selling through interactive television. With this, users can view all product related information and then proceed to trade, pay, check logistics, and other value added activities.

The first T-commerce application was pre-loaded into Samsung Smart TVs launched in 2012 and 2013. The platform, offered by Delivery Agent, is able to map over 1 million products to a given show, episode, network, ad, character or scene, and make them available for sale across hundreds of shows.

The new technology allows viewers to purchase items like clothing and decor that they see on their favorite show. Throughout the broadcast, viewers can choose to receive unobtrusive messages about the shopping options, and can also use their remote to go to the "ShopTV" app to see the product options. Television commerce uses various technologies such as NFC (near field communications) and ARC (audio return channel).

The total market potential for T-commerce is estimated to be around U.S. $143 billion, according to a study by GrowthPraxis. Mobile paired Television commerce and advertisements seem to be the hope for regaining revenue within TV commerce. It is worth noting that 87% of U.S. consumers use mobile as their second screen while watching television. Hence, Mobile paired with television offers immense potential for growth.

The major players in television commerce are Delivery Agents and Powa technologies. Delivery agent was established in the year 2002. The company provides shopping enabled entertainment for television shows, magazines, and music lovers. Its main clients are HBO, Discovery, and FOX TV NETWORKS, among others. Powa Technologies is a technology company, known for its commerce, mobile commerce and e-commerce services. The company’s flagship product is the mobile application, Powa Tag.

Currently, there are 5 different methods/solutions by which companies offer T-commerce. One such method is through the setup box and remote control used by Verizon FiOS. Powa uses an audio tag to enable t-commerce.

The market has seen a sudden surge in partnerships, with one between Delivery Agent and Toyota being the latest. The campaign enables viewers of the Camry ad to simultaneously watch and access additional product information, all initiated through their remote control and Delivery Agent’s Shop TV platform. Delivery Agent has also collaborated with PayPal to bring T-commerce advertising capability to the company’s large roster of global retail brands. Through its vast network of CE manufacturers, Cable providers, Satellite providers, and Telco companies, Delivery Agent offers PayPal retail partners the ability to reach 85 million homes – the largest aggregated audiences for interactive advertising. Retailers can engage consumers directly via their own advertising or via contextually relevant television programming.

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