Mobile payment in… half a second!

Mobile and online payments in Poland are no longer revolutionary. They are becoming a durable part of the customers’ everyday life. In that case what should banks do to remain innovative and competitive?

1-click transfer

mBank together with PayU launched a new service: mTransfer Mobile (mTM). It’s a modern payment method which makes for mBank’s clients a real difference. Customers do not have to log in to the application – the transfer is confirmed just by one 0,5 second click on the smartphone! The similar method, implemented in cooperation with PayU, is a domain of few other banks in Poland: i.e. Pekao S.A., Alior Bank, BGŻ BNP Paribas or Getin Bank.

E-commerce and m-commerce in Poland

mBank customers use mobile payments twice as much as other bank’s clients in Poland. It is constantly being underlined that in Poland e-commerce and m-commerce play a significant role and rev up every next year. Experts predict, that e-commerce’s value in Poland will significantly increase to almost EUR 8 bln and m-commerce to EUR 0,55 bln (ca. 7% of e-commerce) in 2015.

- mBank’s customers – in comparison with other banks in Poland - adapt new technologies in the fastest way. We are certain that instant transfers will gain popularity, because nowadays digital and mobile users expect bank’s services which are as simple and quick as possible – says Andrzej Chechliński, responsible for mBank’s e-commerce.

Nature of mTM

mTransfer Mobile simplifies daily shopping – it is quick, safe and not extra charged. What’s interesting, the average transaction’s value is 20% lower than in ordinary mTransfer. It confirms that mTM is the most convenient method of payment for the frequent small purchases.

Taking into account forecasts concerning the future of e-commerce and m-commerce in Poland, it is easy to predict that instant mobile transfers will become one of the basic banks’ services soon. That’s why mBank is clearly the cutting edge, staying ahead of the competition and customers demand.