Probably the Best Payments System in the World has Little or No Mobile to it

I am in Hong Kong this week. One thing that will strike you immediately here is the Octopus payments system. Actually people will just talk about the Octopus card and not the mobile or wearable part of it because that's what everybody uses. Its available widely, you can top it up anywhere, and use it at every merchant (from big box retailers, subway, buses, to mom and pop shops and even remote tourist places). It has a mobile option as well (sim card) but it's not used much because of lack of handset and platform support beyond a bunch of approved handsets. So I have been thinking - are mobile wallets really required? The Octopus card is the anywhere commerce system, the utopian system we talk about, isn't it? It enables rewards, loyalty, works at transit as well as retail and public services and seamlessly integra ...

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