MoonClerk, adding that personal touch to your billing needs...

MoonClerk is an online payment solution for service providers that make it easy to operate subscription billing process. It was established in May 2013 by Dodd Caldwell (CEO) and Ryan Wood (CTO). MoonClerk helps entrepreneurs and small business to quickly accept and manage both recurring and one time payments on their own website. MoonClerk lets anyone immediately accept recurring payments one-time payments, as well as monthly, quarterly and annual recurring payments.

Based in Greenville, S.C., MoonClerk is mostly bootstrapped. It was partly funded by Entrepreneur-Investor Peter Barth, Director of The Iron Yard. The company have acquired a few customers, some of whom are already processing about $10,000 per month using this service.

To begin with, the merchant is introduced to an online form builder where the checkout form can be customized using themes. Merchants can also add options such as adding a fixed percentage to the billing amount; charge a shipping fee, selecting a day to accept payments, etc. MoonClerk charges the merchants a certain transaction fee for the billing service offered.

MoonClerk charges a processing fee of 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction, plus an additional $9 to $75 per month. Other recurring-payment options which merchants can choose from include Chargify ($65 to $495 per month, with no transaction fees) and Recurly (1.25% plus $0.10 per transaction, plus a $65 monthly fee).

LTP View: MoonClerk lets anyone immediately set up branded, embeddable, and linkable recurring online payment forms without any technical skills. Its ability to provide personalized service with a low starting fee of ($9 - $75) is one of the biggest advantages that sets the company apart from other players in the field which include Recurly, Chargify, Chargebee, etc.