More Mobile Commerce in the ‘Age of the Customer’

With buying power at their fingertips and the expectation to shop in any environment, modern day shoppers have become the new POS and are shaping the buying experience like never before. They’re filling online shopping carts, paying on their phones and trusting social reviews. A Statista report found US e-commerce platforms generated $304.1 billion in sales last year with mobile transactions totaling $7.3 billion in Q1 alone.

This is the Age of the Customer—an evolving commercial landscape where consumers reign supreme. Buyers are eager to adopt new technologies and intuitive features, and merchants need to keep pace. Through collaboration with trusted payments partners, merchants can convert customers, boost sales and distinguish themselves from competitors. Consider the points below on purchasing and payment trends and areas for opportunity when reviewing your business’s approach to digital transactions:

Omnichannel connectivity


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