The Multilateral Concept of Inclusion: Going Beyond the Formal Financial System

The concept of inclusion has traditionally been associated with financial access, giving way to a multitude of companies and initiatives aiming to extend access to the formal financial system. Technology and science, no doubt, play a critical role in facilitating financial access for vulnerable, but technology companies play a far greater role in the big picture than expanding banks’ customer base.

Inclusion is not limited to financial potential, it goes far beyond – access to knowledge, resources, technology, education, affordable housing and healthcare, employment options, etc. Moreover, inclusion is not always about the poor and ‘invisible’, it's about equal opportunities to access various kinds of products and services, to knowledge, innovation and the ability to make an educated choice. Further, we will look at some of the important and often overlooked sides of inclusion that address the implications most industry professionals nowadays address as standalone problems (such as financial inclusion).

Inclusion starts with the ability to connect with the global community

To solve a problem of financ ...

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