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When it comes to the mCommerce movement, there is a plethora of mobile devices to choose from. Most of the devices associated with the mCommerce hype are smartphones and tablet computers. Sophisticated technology, security enhancements and not to mention sleek aesthetics, are key factors in the increased adoption of wireless devices. Wireless innovation has redefined how we use and refer to our wallets.

The modern bi-fold wallet with multiple "card slots" became standardized in the early 1950s with the introduction of the first credit cards. Some innovations include the introduction of the velcro-closure wallet in the 1970s - Wikipedia

The Wocket® smart wallet, is a prime example of how mobile technological convergence is on the rise. The Wocket®, by NXT-ID, is a next generation smart wallet, that combines all of the functions that a traditional wallet would do and more.

Wocket turns all of your credit cards into one WocketCard and stores it all in your Wocket. The device is designed to securely keep all of your personal information protected. Wocket uses biometric voice security and other patent pending technologies to protect your identity and whatever information you store on a tamper-proof, encrypted chip protected by your biometric voice print.wocket

This is how it all works: when making a purchase, simply select your card via the touch screen, remove the Wocket Card from the Wocket, and swipe it as you usually would. Your Wocket Card transmits the information of the card you selected to the point of sale terminal using an exclusive patent pending in-card antenna technology.

There is no app or internet connection needed to make payments, but there now is an app available. On September 2nd, NXT-ID introduced My Wocket®, an app to enable software updates.

"This is the first of several applications and updates that we will be sending to our customers to add new features and improve performance," says David Tunnell, Chief Technology Officer of NXT-ID. "This first app allows our customers to remotely update the Wocket and Wocket Card software as customers provide feedback. This first software update includes bug fixes, adds more data for loyalty and gift cards, and improves performance at point-of-sale systems. We will continue to improve Wocket, Wocket Card and our My Wocket apps with updates that will include card management, Voicematch® training for our voice biometric verification, and autofill to automate passwords and on-line purchases."

Gino Pereira, Chief Executive Officer adds, "This app demonstrates our ability to securely update Wocket and Wocket Cards so that our customers can always have the best possible experience as we continue to improve Wocket. We wish to thank our customers who have helped us with invaluable feedback to improve Wocket performance, and make Wocket the smartest and most secure wallet available today."

About NXT- ID Inc. - Mobile - Enabling Technologies Security for a Mobile World: (NXTD)

NXT-ID, Inc.'s innovative MobileBio® solution mitigates consumer risks associated with mobile computing, m-commerce and smart OS-enabled devices. The company is focused on the growing m-commerce market, launching its innovative MobileBio® suite of biometric solutions that secure consumers' mobile platforms led by Wocket®; a next generation smart wallet designed to replace all the cards in your wallet, no smartphone required. Wocket was recognized as one of the top technology products at CES 2015 by multiple media outlets including The Wocket works most anywhere credit cards are accepted and only works with your biometric stamp of approval or passcode.

Ruth Pender

AnthropologieDepartment Manager

Ruth Pender is a former Community Manager at MEDICI (f.k.a Let’s Talk Payments).

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