NAMU “Joyful Banking” - Transforming Banking for the Digital, Social World

21st century innovations are leading people to the virtual world of everything from banking to buying necessities. NAMU is one such banking application created to provide customers with a simple, relevant and joyful banking experience. The NAMU app lets people enjoy social banking by viewing photos and posts connected to a transaction, daily transactions with a calendar linked to social networks and searching financial history at once without switching accounts.

NAMU Systems is a US startup with offices in New York and Poland. The company offers a revolutionary mobile banking platform for consumer banks and card issuers. The founders' successful and extensive banking experience allows them to innovate in the banking space by fully understanding the complexity and security requirements of the banks.

Namu was launched in November 2014. The company has gained very strong interest from numerous retail banks worldwide. Poland’s Software Mind, a part of Wind Mobile Group has recently signed a strategic partnership with NAMU systems. As per the agreement, LiveBank, Wind Mobile Group’s virtual banking customer service platform will be a part of the mobile solutions offered by NAMU systems to global retail banking institutions.

NAMU provides its service as a mobile application and cloud-based server to banks and other financial entities including issuers of debit cards. By using the NAMU application, bank customers and debit card users can manage their accounts in a simple, user friendly way with the facility of direct video consultation with the bank advisors through LiveBank platform.

One of the first joint projects of LiveBank and NAMU Systems will be a presentation of the demo of NAMU product during 2015’s edition of the Citi Mobile Challenge, organized by Citibank. NAMU is among the finalists of the competition. The presentation of NAMU during the Citi Mobile Challenge EMEA will take place on April 28 in Warsaw.

About the Founders:

Thomas Ko, NAMU’s founder started the company with experience in building the world’s most successful mobile banking platform called CitiDirect BE Mobile that features in 97 countries and processed transactions worth $400 billion in 2014.

Piotr Budzinski, Co-founder of NAMU, led strategic technology projects for banks and asset managers including major banks like UniCredit, Societe Generale, Citigroup, Pioneer Investments and Franklin Templeton across US and Europe. He has over 20 years of successful operational experience in regulated financial environments.