Nearly Half of Mobile Banking Users Transact From the Bedroom

Americans are banking and shopping in odd places these days. According to the online survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Feedzai, a big data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to prevent fraud, nearly one-half (46 percent) of smartphone bankers are banking from their mobile phones in the bedroom. Additional findings show nearly one-third (30 percent) bank while in the bathroom and 13 percent while driving. Among online smartphone shoppers, 4 percent of them are shopping on their mobile phones while crossing the street or standing in line (18 percent).

Released today, the survey 2015 Consumer Banking and Shopping Behaviors: Sentiment on Personal Data also reveals that Americans are equally as cautious about data breaches this year as last year. So it may not be a surprise that consumers are willing to give a financial institution access to their personal data in exchange for protection.

People use their smartphones as a tool to shop and bank, ev ...

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