Netherlands FinTech: 54 Innovative Companies Making Waves Across Europe

The LTP team has been actively exploring FinTech ecosystems around the world and its time we look at Netherlands' FinTech companies as there are at least 54 very promising players shaping the future of financial services in the country and in Europe.

AcceptEmail enables users to securely initiate a payment straight from the mailbox on a laptop or any mobile device in a three-click process. The payment can be completed without manual data entry, which provides users with speed and convenience.

Adyen is a technology company that provides businesses with a single solution for accepting payments anywhere in the world.

Payvision is a payment solutions provider specializing in global card processing for the e-commerce market, offers acquiring banks, PSPs, ISOs and their merchants a secure, PCI-DSS-compliant, PSD-licensed, international payment processing platform enhanced with innovative technology.

payXpert specializes in offering online payment processing solutions for card-not-present and card-present businesses.

Basecone enables real-time processing of invoices and receipts with no need to wait for them to be processed and optimal recognition and matching of data. The service allows using email or a mobile app to upload or simply drag and drop documents into Basecone.

Bell ID develops chip lifecycle management software that enables banks, governments and enterprises worldwide to issue and manage credential.

Bitmymoney provides services for buying bitcoins with iDeal and selling bitcoins for euros to bank accounts in all SEPA countries. The main product is an online bitcoin account that allows to manage bitcoins without any knowledge of wallet software or bitcoin addresses.

Bitonic is one of the largest bitcoin companies in Netherlands. The company offers bitcoin buying-and-selling services along with merchant-solution (BitMerchant) that makes it able for e-commerce players to accept bitcoin as a payment method in a simple and riskless way.

BitStraat enables brick-and-mortar retailers to accept bitcoin in a way that is safe, fast, easy and understandable.

Bux is a trading app that makes the trading process straightforward and more accessible. Users can experience the excitement of the stock exchange, even if they don't have much trading experience.

CashOrCard POS is an iPad and Android POS solution for retailers. Free to download and use, it brings together inventory management, transaction processing, reporting, advanced analytics and insights.

Cashr is an iPad/tablet POS provider. The company focuses on the hospitality industry, restaurants & bars, quick-service food stalls and trucks along with shops in retail, wellness and beauty salons.

Komparu delivers SaaS solutions for any company interested in generating revenue from high-traffic comparison portals/websites through the integration of very fast, reliable and fully customizable price/product comparison tools or back-end development.

AdviceGames integrates gamification, machine learning and robo-advice to prevent financial stress. The company’s Virtual Financial Assistants and Intelligent Agents are aimed to engage consumers and businesses to structurally reduce their financial stress.

Sign2Pay provides a secure and convenient mobile payment method that allows consumers to use their touchscreen device to pay with their bank account number and signature.

CleverCoin is a bitcoin exchange for the EU's population. CleverCoin allows users to trade bitcoins with euros and makes bitcoin trading and spending accessible and easy to use.

Jaccoo is a financial intelligence management system for businesses that work with multiple banks and in multiple countries.

BackBase designs next-generation portal software for medium and large organizations that want to improve their online channels to maximize customer experience, retention and conversion.

Newviews automates the continuous incoming stream of invoices, ensuring efficient management.

ClubCollect helps clubs, associations and foundations collect their membership fees online.

Declaree is a Web-based expense management system that uses native mobile applications to digitalize expenses on the go. The app allows employees to digitalize receipts and store them all online where managers can review and approve expenses and link them directly to accounting.

dopay provides a cloud-based payroll and cash management service that allows employers to calculate the net salary and pay all employees electronically.

Ebury is an Amsterdam-based FinTech company that enables small- and medium-sized businesses to transact and trade internationally. Companies can finance their imports, make and receive payments in foreign currencies and hedge currency risk in more than 120 currencies.

Equidam helps entrepreneurs and professionals to have access to better tools of data analysis to allow small businesses to track their valuations over time.

Equistor is a Web-based platform designed to manage strategic initiatives effectively and provide real-time insight into portfolio performance.

Five Degrees is a financial technology provider that offers an alternative to traditional financial institutions.

InvoiceSharing enables companies to improve invoice processes and cash flow using a free electronic invoice distribution platform.

ISEEMORE shows the financial and operating performance data of an organization or company as KPIs, which are made accessible to the entrepreneur, accountant, bookkeeper, employee, franchisee, consultant or investor—all of it on a single mobile device screen.

Sparkholder delivers real-time information about SMEs. Sparkholder delivers this information to all the stakeholders, including banks and investors, with the permission of the entrepreneur.

The list is not exhaustive, of course. There are also other notable players like Symbid, Symetrics, The Moneyer, Treasury Services, Trefi, Vitrius, Cxo-cockpit,Daalder, Simpled Card, Sophiq, Pro Quidity, Red to Blue,Sweebr, Ohpen, Owlin, Payplaza, Leapfunder, Lendex, Monyq, Knab, Flinqer, IBANC, Cloud9, Crowdpartners and Fairzekering.