Netherlands FinTech: 54 Innovative Companies Making Waves Across Europe

The LTP team has been actively exploring FinTech ecosystems around the world and its time we look at Netherlands' FinTech companies as there are at least 54 very promising players shaping the future of financial services in the country and in Europe.

AcceptEmail enables users to securely initiate a payment straight from the mailbox on a laptop or any mobile device in a three-click process. The payment can be completed without manual data entry, which provides users with speed and convenience.

Adyen is a technology company that provides businesses with a single solution for accepting payments anywhere in the world.

Payvision is a payment solutions provider specializing in global card processing for the e-commerce market, offers acquiring banks, PSPs, ISOs and their merchants a secure, PCI-DSS-compliant, PSD-licensed, international payment processing platform enhanced with innovative technology.

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