Fraud Attempt Rates by Value Have Increased by 33% - ACI Worldwide Data

New ACI Worldwide benchmark data of top global retailers reveals surge in ‘card-not-present’ fraud activity, warns of new pathways to fraud in EMV environment

NAPLES, FLA — {Press Release} —As retailers and consumers prepare for the holiday shopping season, they should brace for a higher level of fraud online and across all channels, according to new benchmark data from ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW). The data*, based on hundreds of millions of transactions from large global retailers, forecasts consumer behavioral shifts and warnings ahead of this year’s holiday shopping season.

Principle findings include:

- Significant increase in card-not-present (CNP) fraud attempts over 2014

- Fraud rates by volume have increased: in 2015, 1 out of 86 transactions is a fraudulent attempt vs. 1 out of 114 transactions in 2014

- Fraud attempt rates by volume have increased by 30 perc ...

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