This New App with Support for Multiple Biometrics can Kill Passwords

Hoyos Labs, a company known for its digital infrastructure security solutions, recently launched an app called 1U which could replace the need for usernames, passwords and PINs. 1U leverages a user’s smartphone capabilities to acquire the user’s biometrics. This acquired information can then be used to replace log-in information for thousands of websites including non-standard websites that require additional information like a site key in addition to username and password.

The app is currently available for iOS and the Android version is scheduled to be available today. The app supports multiple biometrics like facial & fingerprint and also certain characteristics of the eye in order to authenticate the user’s identity and log onto websites. It also uses an additional liveness detection system to distinguish a real person from an image. Upon recognition, the app enables access to websites, assigned with 1U, ranging from social media sites to online banking accounts and others.

Here is an illustration highlighting the app’s support for multiple biometrics:

Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs, said in an official press release: 'At Hoyos Labs, we've been fighting against the password for years, and we are now launching a solution that doesn't involve a token or master password and allows users to authenticate their identities with their unique biometrics. By creating and launching 1U, usernames and passwords are stored encrypted in consumers' mobile devices instead of through an external service. Your information always remains with you, and hackers are highly unlikely to ever be able to touch it as a result, because they would literally have to steal your phone to attempt to hack it. In the near future, as corporations implement the Hoyos Labs technology into their back-end systems, this will lead to a complete elimination of usernames and passwords.'

The app provides the following key features:

  • Fusing the biometric information right onto the smartphone, and not at a cloud server, to ensure personal security
  • Linkage support for PCs/tablets/laptops to allow easy access to any website across any device
  • Registration support for more than 15,000 different websites like banking, e-commerce, social networking, etc
  • The authentication is done right on the mobile device and the PC browser automatically logs in the user onto the website

The app also allows users to share their websites with other 1U users without having to show their credentials. This enables users to authenticate their identities on more than one device if required. The app also provides an option to save user’s biometric information, in encrypted form, to a personal drop box. So, even if the registered device gets stolen, 1U can automatically reconfigure and restore the original biometric data on the new device on which it is reinstalled.

The app is currently available for a free trial period of one month. Post the free trial, a monthly license of $9.99 or a yearly license of $49.99 can be purchased to continue using the app. Under the current scheme, the app allows access to unlimited websites on unlimited mobile devices and computers.