New Details Appear on Apple Pay, iOS 8.1 beta Release Reveals

Apple recently seeded the iOS 8.1 beta version to developers for testing purposes. Hamza Sood, one of the developers, made some revelations when he tested the firmware. He located the Apple Pay setup screen in different interfaces such as the Passbook app, on the basic iOS 8.1 setup page, on the iPad customized user interface and within the settings app as well.

What are these recent revelations?

  • There will be an upgraded Passbook app enabling payments via Apple Pay along with Touch ID authentication.
  • Apple pay will enable you to start making purchases at stores when launched.
  • You can seamlessly store your credit card information now by simply taking a picture of the card in Apple Pay setup.
  • There is still uncertainty around whether Apple Pay can be used in iPads. It all depends on future iPad models.

The following illustrations show Apple Pay on the iPhone and iPad interfaces:

Source: Hamza Sood’s Twitter Page

The setup prompt within the Passbook app provides a link to users where they can input their credit card details. Users can either do it manually using the keyboard or use an automated feature by simply taking a picture of the card. The setup screen interface on the iPad is different than that of the iPhone. It does mention the use of Apple Pay in retail stores but the current iPads do not contain the NFC technology. Also, current models of iPads do not have Touch ID which also is one of the major requirements for Apple Pay.

But the screenshots do reveal that iOS 8.1 would be the update that would include Apple Pay. Apple is also launching next generation iPads this month. Speculations are being made around the new iPads being equipped with NFC and Touch ID. With Apple Pay gathering momentum, we can certainly expect more iDevices to include both.

Apple Pay was announced at the iPhone 6 event last month and is scheduled to roll out later this month. The contactless payment system marks Apple’s long awaited foray into the digital wallet space. The new payment service would come with Touch ID authentication support, a secure credit card storage facility and tokenization of transactions for point-of-sale transactions at retail outlets. The launch of the service relies on 220,000 NFC-enabled locations accepting it actively.

To make Apple Pay a grand success, the company has done the ground work of tying up with many big brands and well known retail outlets. The platform has been kept simple, secure and easy to use to appeal to customers as the new images reveal. Mobile wallets have been launched by many players around the globe over the last few years, but very few of them have been successful so far. It seems we will learn whether or not Apple Pay will see mass adoption in less than one month!