New Mobile Payments Service BillMobile Launched in the UK

On 4th June 2014, BillMobile announced the launch of its mobile payments service for digital and online retailers. BillMobile does not require consumers to download an app, which means any UK mobile phone owner can pay for goods and services with a phone number.

'Charge to Mobile is a new way to buy digital content with your mobile - everything from apps, games, music and videos to films, ebooks and many more. It's fast, easy and safe,' stated Head of Commerce Sales at Telefonica Digital, Danny Barclay, in a press release.

  • While for merchants integration is quick and easy and the transaction fees are surprisingly affordable.
  • The transaction fees for BillMobile of only 9.9% mean that adding mobile to the checkout process is now a genuine option for merchants.
  • The fees for mobile payments are now comparable to the fees charged for credit card or PayPal transactions.
  • We have moved a long way from the 30% transaction fee charged by app stores, says the company.
  • BillMobile is quick and easy for consumers to use - users just need their mobile phone number.
  • It requires no new behaviour to be learnt, or apps to download.
  • And on top of that it can be up 7.5 times quicker than paying with a credit card.
  • By offering BillMobile at the checkout, merchants dramatically increase the number of potential online customers.
  • For sectors as varied as content publishing through to car parking, paying by mobile is a smooth and painless process that makes it easier for consumers to buy.
  • With the new, lower transaction fees of only 9.9% that BillMobile offers (compared to 25% or higher previously), combined with the simplicity of the payment process for consumers, mobile payments can be expected to grow into more and more sectors as merchants see the value that it offers them.

Mobile is the most widely available form of online payment and consumers love it, so it makes sense for merchants to add a mobile option at checkout. For online retailers to avoid checkout abandonment they need to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay, and BillMobile is very easy, stated CEO of BillMobile, Chris Newell, in the same relese. The UK's mobile operators have worked really hard to make this happen. That's because they see the long-term opportunities that charge to mobile provides. Consumers want to use it and now merchants can offer it knowing that the transaction fees are the lowest they've ever been.'

Running on the Payforit technology and launched by Payforit specialists ImpulsePay, BillMobile officially launched on June 1st with advertising in The Sunday Times. Offering the lowest ever transaction fees for charge to mobile payments, more marketing will follow as BillMobile is expected to be an option on almost every online checkout.