New Non-Cash Payments Report - Adoption & State of Maturity in Asia


In a recent report, 5 countries were studied for non-cash adoption and state of maturity.

Countries at an Advanced Stage of Development

  • China and Singapore are more mature in terms of the non-cash channel penetration. Non-cash penetration is about 50 percent or more in both of these markets.
  • However, these two markets differ greatly in terms of their non-cash channel usage pattern.

This report uncovers the differences between the channel usage preferences and growth patterns of these two countries.

Countries that Continue to Evolve

  • Among all the other countries under study, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, the non-cash market is growing at an exponential pace.
  • The growth patterns are quite different in each country; while certain non-cash channels grew at higher growth rates, others have not gained much popularity among the residents.

This report uncovers the growth opportunities in each of these countries and the factors that are fueling the growth. It also explains the factors inhibiting the growth in other channels.

china chart

singapore chart

Note: The percentages mentioned above for non cash share are from indexes released by Mastercard and MIT Technology Review.

The reports incorporates charts, as shown above, for other countries as well.

Table of Content:

Non-Cash Payments Market Overview, Size & Trends

  • China
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh



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