New PayForward Visa® Link Card Changes The Way To Give Back

If you are one of the 199.8 million people in the United States with a credit card and you favor one card over another, then there is most likely a reward or benefit associated with your favorite credit card. Typically consumers will get roped into applying for a credit card with rewards that align with their spending habits. Most credit card rewards are associated with at least one of these eight programs: cash back credit, general reward points, gas cards with points or rebates, hotel or travel points, retail rewards or airline frequent flier miles.

When the phrase it’s better to give than to receive originated’, credit cards didn’t exist. Redeeming rewards is the fun part: when you earn miles, point or cash back, it feels good to get something back, don’t you think?

Wikipedia explains Pay It Forward as an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed, repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. Throughout various stages in my life, I’ve always had a predecessor that displayed a Pay It Forward philosophy. Giving back to one’s community, be it monetarily, by volunteering, through fundraising or by spreading awareness for a cause, are all ways in which I’ve seen the philosophy of Pay It Forward displayed. However, as the world becomes more digitally convergent, the sense of community is interconnected, more than just at a local level.

PayForward has somewhat combined the concept of Pay It Forward and a credit card rewards program. PayForward is a mobile financial platform designed to align the interests of consumers, merchants and enterprise partners. On September 29, 2015 PayForward announced the launch of its Visa®Link Card – the first card of its kind allowing users to earn instant cash from PayForward merchant partners while still receiving rewards from their current providers.

"PayForward serves as a platform for consumers to easily fund life's priorities whether that is saving for vacations, contributing to charities or funding retirement and healthcare," said Armando Rand, president and co-founder of PayForward. "We designed the new feature to bring that mission to life and provide a unique platform that's both simple and effective for our users looking to increase their personal discretionary income."

What I found most interesting about PayForward is their personalized money allocation option. For example, users have the option to spend their cash rewards on a charity, local fundraiser, transfer to friends or put in a saving account all in realtime. Also, members can create a charitable cause that friends and family can donate to. PayForward integrates other features into its platform including member-to-member micropayments and free money transfers permitting users to send, receive and use funds immediately – all with no additional charges.

The company explains the program in four simple steps.

1 - Swipe & Earn

Shop with your linked Visa cards or the PayForward debit card at participating merchants and receive up to 15% instant cash back into your PayForward account.

2 - Spend, Save & Share

Spend your cash with a PayForward debit card, transfer it to your bank account, share it with automatic cause allocations - or all of the above!

3 - Connect & Share

Invite your friends to join and support your causes while you support theirs.

4 - Free, Instant Money Transfers

No cost to send or receive money instantly between members and causes.

About PayForward

PayForward is a revolutionary financial technology company providing members with a way to earn instant cash by shopping at participating merchant partners including restaurants, retail stores, grocers and more. Consumers can allocate cash earned into multi-fund accounts created for personal causes, charitable donations or both. Additionally, PayForward offers a number of revolutionary features including free instant money transfers, micropayments and the new Visa® Link Card, which allows users to connect eligible Visa® debit or credit cards to their PayForward accounts.

Founded in 2013, PayForward was created by accomplished entrepreneurs Armando Rand, Steve Marks and Ronnie Silos to help revitalize America's economy by aligning the interests of consumers, merchants and enterprise partners globally. For more information on PayForward, visit