New Study Shows Mobile Payments Accounting for 27 Percent of Online Transactions

Adyen, a leading global payments technology company, recently published its quarterly mobile payments index. The index tracks mobile payments data from web-based transactions. Here are some major highlights from the index:

  • Online payments made using mobile devices accounted for 27.2 percent of total online payments made in Q1 2015
  • Considering the geographic split, 28.6 percent of online payments were made with mobile in Europe, 26.7 percent in the U.S., and 20 percent in Asia
  • The U.K. led the way with 44 percent of online payments made using a mobile device
  • The average transaction value (ATV) via mobile devices rose 37 percent year-to-year
  • iOS ended Q1 2015 with a 65 percent market share of online mobile payments while Android claimed 34.9 percent

According to the findings, online payments via mobile devices continues to rise globally, having risen a massive 39 percent in the corresponding period last year. The U.K. stands head and shoulders above the global averages. In Q1 2015, smartphones accounted for 66 percent of mobile based online payments, compared with 64.9 percent in 2014.

The Index shows that the average transaction value for the digital goods industry has risen across all platforms over the past 12 months. Digital spend online increased 28 percent and 30 percent respectively for desktops/laptops and tablets, but the greatest leap was made by mobile devices, where the ATV rose 28.27 euros.

The average transaction value (ATV) of digital goods purchased via tablets has surpassed the figure for desktops/laptops. By March 2015, smartphones accounted for 16 percent of online transactions, compared to 11.5 percent for tablets—reflecting an almost 300 percent increase in the gap between smartphone and tablet share. In the same period of time, desktops dropped from 79.8 percent of online transactions to 72.5 percent.

In the battle of the smartphone operating systems, Apple still rules the roost, but Google and the Open Handset Alliance are closing the gap. Android may be closing the gap on iOS, but Apple’s percentages are much more even across devices—in Q1 2015, iPads accounted for 47.2 percent of iOS mobile payments, versus 52.8 percent for iPhones, while for the same period Android mobiles made up 78.2 percent of the total Android payments.

The following illustration gives more insights on the recent study:

{Source: Adyen’s Mobile Payment Index (MPI)}