New Version of KIX Contactless Mobile Payment App Launched by BNP Paribas

On 4th April 2014, French Banking Group BNP Paribas announced the launch of the revamped version of KIX – its contactless mobile payments app. According to them, almost 12% of merchants in France accept contactless payments already and atleast 31% of the bank cards in France are equipped with contactless payment feature.

Kix is a Visa app managed by Gemalto’s trusted service manager platform. It utilizes NFC technology and is compatible with 25 smartphones running Android, and with this latest version - Windows Phones too. The mobile payment app is available for any users that have a subscription with Orange, BNP Paribas Mobile, SFR or Sosh.

This video gives you an overview:

• Payments can be made just by bringing the phone within 4 cm of the payment terminal

• KIX supports transactions of up to EUR €20. For larger purchases up to €300 (with a monthly ceiling of €1500), users have to enter a pin number on their phone.

• Before downloading and activating the app, users sign up to use Kix at one of the bank’s 2,200 branches to receive their PIN number.

• It also gives the ability to block the app if the mobile phone is lost or stolen.

• To subscribe to KIX, the user must have a smartphone and an NFC SIM card compatible with this app.

• He should also possess an appropriate plan for his mobile device with one of the listed partner operators.

• Users can subscribe to this service in any of the 2,200 BNP Paribas branches or on their website.

• Their PIN code will be sent to them by post. Thereafter, the KIX mobile wallet can be downloaded through their phone's app store, and then activated.

BNP Paribas also announced that as of 1 March 2014, over 3.5 Mn of its users possessed a contactless card and that over 1 Mn payments were made via contactless technology in 2013.