New Visa Contactless Wristbands for Payments to be Rolled out by CaixaBank

On 3rd July 2014, one of Spain’s leading banks – CaixaBank – announced the launch of a new Visa wristband that enables users to make contactless payments at merchant outlets, in a seamless manner. This is actually pretty huge! So far we have seen widespread use of contactlesss wristbands restricted mostly to concerts, music festivals and other live events of the kind.

The band enables customers of the bank to carry payment cards on their wrists. This makes for fast and convenient payments at over 300,000 businesses across Spain. CaixaBank says that it plans to distribute 15,000 contactless wristbands to those users that have utilized their contactless cards the most.

  • The launch is slated to become the largest programme in Europe to use wearable devices ...
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