Airtel SL NFC launch, Accuity on STP Rates, US is behind, Mobile payments in Australia, Arrest of BitInstant CEO, Payment News

Payment News for today from our News Aggregation wing:

1. Colombogazette - Airtel, HNB commercially launch Lanka’s first NFC system

Bharti Airtel Lanka along with Hatton National Bank (HNB), Sony Felica and the Matara Passenger Transport Company Ltd today commercially launched Sri Lanka’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled multi-functioned payment system. This payment system will be available on ‘HNB One Card’, the pioneering NFC enabled payment card launched in December 2013. With the provision of the e-bus ticketing facility, HNB becomes the first bank to deploy such a service commercially in Sri Lanka.

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2. Banktech - How Accuity Is Helping Increase STP Rates for International Payments

Accuity has built a new platform that integrate data into banks payment systems and processes to increase straight-through processing (STP) of payments, the company announced yesterday. The new platform results from the merger of Accuity and Banker’s Almanac in 2011. Both organizations had nearly 100 years worth of payment routing and referential data, such as banks’ ABA codes, assets, addresses, counter-parties and accepted currencies. But some of those records conflicted across the two organizations, according to Hugh Jones, Accuity’s president and CEO. Working with NVISIA over 12 months, Accuity cleaned up and combined the two data platforms.

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3. Marketwatch - 3 ways U.S. payment tech is behind the times

As the fallout from the Target TGT +0.67% breach continues to spread—last Monday, police said they arrested two Mexican citizens who had fraudulent credit cards linked to the stolen data—many Americans are asking themselves how they can keep their payment information more secure. The answer, it seems, may come from Europe, Canada, India and South Africa, countries that are ahead of the curve compared with the U.S.

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4. Computerworld - Mobile - Enabling Technologies payments in Australia: state of the banks

Major Australian banks have made mobile payments a priority tech initiative and are in various stages of rolling out technology that lets customers pay with smartphones. Commonwealth Bank and Westpac are so far leading the pack, but ANZ Bank and National Australia Bank (NAB) say they are planning to make their own moves soon.

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5. Forbes - Winklevosses, Bitcoin Community Shocked By Arrest of BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem

This morning, the Bitcoin community was rocked by the news that a vaunted start-up CEO had been arrested for money laundering. BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem, 24, has been the subject of fawning profiles for his Bitcoin entrepreneurship. Bloomberg introduced him to the world as a Bitcoin millionaire last year.

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