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Payment News for today:

1. Appleinsider - Coca-Cola mulls deployment of Apple's iBeacon at World Cup and beyond

Global beverage behemoth Coca-Cola is actively investigating a rollout of Apple's iBeacon technology as a part of its marketing campaign for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, for which the company is a major sponsor.Speaking with marketing publication The Drum, Digital Director at Coca-Cola Enterprises Simon Miles said the company is seriously considering using iBeacon tech to tie together its World Cup marketing plans. More importantly, Coca-Cola extend the use of Apple's micro-location solution worldwide in licensing and restaurant applications through its many brands.

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2. Thenextweb - 10 ways to pay without ever whipping out your wallet.

The mobile wallet dream may still be a way off for the average consumer, but a cashless and cardless utopia is closer than ever before for the adventurous technophile. Making a purchase in-store, paying back a generous pal, and even transferring money to a foreign country can now be done from the screen of a smartphone – and this niche market is heating up.

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3. Mediapost - Holiday Mobile Shopping & the Money Not Spent

Holiday shopping on mobile devices may have set some records, but it looks like many sales were lost and plenty of money was left on the table. While mobile accounted for about 17% of online holiday sales, based on IBM tracking, those lost were equivalent to more than a quarter (27%) of total mobile commerce sales, according to a holiday season mobile shopping analysis by Jumio.

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