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At Let’s Talk Payments we want you to get all the important Payment News and Analysis, right in your inbox. So we are adding another channel here called News Aggregation, wherein we will bring to you important news from other sources as well, apart from LTP. So you don’t have to put in effort to search elsewhere, just read on Let’s Talk Payments without missing anything good.

1. Valleywag.gawker - $25 Million Mystery Startup Hits Layoffs Before It Even Launches

Fortune's Dan Primack reports that Clinkle, the stealth mobile startup company that raised $25 million in venture capital without really explaining what it does, has 'issued pink slips to 16 of its 60-person staff, or just over 25%.' The layoffs have not been in engineering, but rather the business side of operations.

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2. Marketwatch - What a Bitcoin is really worth in India and China

The Bitcoin saga took an unpleasant turn this December when China’s central bank banned financial institutions from dealing in the virtual currency. Bitcoin was enjoying a surge of popularity in the country; by the end of November, Chinese exchanges were responsible for almost two-thirds of worldwide traffic. The central bank’s decision sent the currency tumbling. Last week, Indian regulators joined the fray. Preferring ominous warnings to outright prohibition, the Reserve Bank of India issued a public advisory on the dangers of Bitcoin. The meaning was clear enough. India’s largest exchange was promptly shut down, and its operator raided by local authorities.

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3. Reuters - Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency - Blockchain ATMs Are Spreading Across the World

Sometimes the future can sneak up on you. Like when you find out that a startup incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, whose employees live in New Hampshire and whose products are made in Portugal, is selling digital-currency ATMs to Saudi Arabia and Singapore. These are only two of the countries that have purchased Bitcoin ATMs from manufacturer Lamassu, which announced Monday that it had sold 120 of the machines to customers all over the world. A map Lamassu created to mark the occasion, showing the far-flung sales locations of its Bitcoin ATMs, not coincidentally illustrates the global appeal of Bitcoin.

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4. Forbes - Ka-Ching: Mobile Payments Predictions For 2014

There seems to be only one thing that matters in the tech world nowadays: mobile. It certainly has been the key for putting Twitter’s (TWTR) stock into the stratosphere. But mobile has also rejuvenated companies like Groupon (GRPN). Yet what about mobile payments? Will this market go mainstream? It does seem inevitable. Companies like Starbucks have shown that many consumers are ready.

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