News Aggregation - Ebay says NO to Paypal spinoff, Bitcoin Mapping , NFC Will Win by EOY 2014, Payment News

Payment News for today:

1. Reuters - EBay dismisses Icahn proposal to spin off Paypal

Carl Icahn has taken a stake in eBay Inc and is proposing a spin-off of the its fast-growing PayPal division, but the e-commerce giant rebuffed the overture, setting the stage for a potential battle with the activist investor. EBay, which bought PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002 and has considered hiving off the multibillion-dollar payments service, argued on Wednesday that the business would lose synergies with the overall e-commerce business as an independent unit. 'First, eBay accelerates PayPal's success. Second, eBay data makes PayPal smarter. And third, eBay funds PayPal's growth,' Chief Executive John Donahoe told analysts on a post-results conference call.

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2. Businessinsider - This Map Shows The States Where Buying Stuff With Bitcoin Is The Most Popular began accepting Bitcoin last Thursday. We'd previously reported they weren't going to start taking the digital currency as payment for another few months, so the announcement surprised a bunch of people. But reaction was swift: $130,000 worth of merchandise flew off the retailer's e-shelves on the first day.

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3. Streetfightmag - Citi Global Head: NFC Will Win Out By End of 2014

Near field communication (NFC), the much-maligned technology that once was held as the future of mobile payments, may not be dead yet. Richard Char, global head of digital networks and merchant Services at Citi, believes that two emerging trends — one in the payment industry and the other on the consumer devices —will turn the tide for NFC, dissolving many of the infrastructural barriers that have mired its growth.

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