News Aggregation - JP Morgan prepaid exit, Polish payments, NRF'14 Payment News

News Aggregation – Important news from other sources apart from LTP. So you don’t have to put in effort to search elsewhere, just read on Let’s Talk Payments without missing anything good.

1. Reuters - JPMorgan Chase plans to exit prepaid card business

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) plans to sell or exit over time its business of issuing prepaid cards for corporate payrolls and government tax refunds and benefits, the company said on Thursday. The cards, which had been offered with cash and treasury services to companies and governments, had become a headache of risks in operations and regulations, according to a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to speak publicly. Last month JPMorgan warned some 465,000 holders of the cards that their personal data may have been accessed by computer hackers who attacked its network in July.

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2. Verifone - The Payments Ecosystem in Poland, New Opportunities for Commerce Providers

2013 saw the rise of a number of interesting developments in payments in countries like Poland and the other 149 countries VeriFone serves. Specifically in Poland, the decision to lower interchange fees opens up opportunities in the payments ecosystem like never before. In this blog post, Tomasz Wejcman, Country Manager at VeriFone, comments on events of the passing year.

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3. Coinbase - Android SDK Released, Accept Bitcoin Payment In Your Own Android App

Today, in collaboration with BitMonet, they are releasing an Android SDK that makes it super simple for Android developers to accept Bitcoin in their Android app. Any Android app developer can now accept Bitcoin payments without the customer ever leaving the app

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4. Bigshow14 - NRF'14 Closing the Consumer Expectation Gap: Enabling Mobile POS

Today's retailers labor under a consumer expectation gap between what buyers demand, and what retailers can actually deliver. This presentation will show how retailers today can use solutions such as Mobile POS to close that gap and deliver a true omni channel experience. We will show the trends driving this gap, how retailers are coming up short on delivering expected value, and how they can use existing solutions to close this gap.

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