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1. Arcticstartup - Estonia's Svipe does NFC Payments with a Twist

People have grown suspicious about the viability of NFC payments, but what if they also plugged into promotions? Estonia based start-up Svipe will be bringing its card free payment solutions to retail shops around the world with financial backing from the LHV Banking association and mobile payment expert NOW! Innovations.

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2. Gemalto - NFC for payments – time to ditch your wallet

It’s becoming increasingly more possible in the U.S. to use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to make payments from your smartphone. NFC is one of the most popular and secure technologies for conducting mobile payment transactions. Over the past year we’ve seen banks, shops, and mobile operators all implementing NFC-friendly services in anticipation of the mobile wallet revolution, to the extent that major retailers like CVS and McDonald’s have invested heavily in upgrading their payment systems to accept NFC payments.

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3. Nfcworld - Lenovo unveils clutch of NFC products at CES

Computer giant Lenovo has launched a range of NFC-enabled products at CES 2014, including a 28-inch touchscreen monitor/tablet, a 14-inch Ultrabook, a 27-inch Windows 8 all-in-one PC and a touchscreen PC. The ThinkVision 28 can be used as an Android tablet or it can be hooked up to a PC and used as an ultra high resolution touchscreen monitor. Secondary devices can be paired with the display via NFC. The ThinkVision 28 will be available in selected markets from July 2014 for US$1,199.

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4. Reuters - The payments impasse

I’ll say this for bitcoin: it’s got a whole new class of people, like Matt Levine and Guan Yang, increasingly interested in one of my longstanding obsessions — payments. (You might be surprised to learn how hard it is to get people interested in payments.) Guan’s post, along with the response to it from Simple’s Shamir Karkal, provide a techie’s viewpoint into a question which many non-Americans have when they start living in this country: how on earth can can moving money from one person to another be so difficult, expensive, and time-consuming?

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