News Aggregation - Card Activation via App, Currency Wars, Bitcoin is Good Payment News

At Let’s Talk Payments we want you to get all the important Payment News and Analysis, right in your inbox. So we are adding another channel here called News Aggregation, wherein we will bring to you important news from other sources as well, apart from LTP. So you don’t have to put in effort to search elsewhere, just read on Let’s Talk Payments without missing anything good.

1. Source Media - Google Lets Customers Activate Cards in Mobile Wallet App -- Will Banks Follow?

Google Wallet users can now activate the accompanying plastic Google Wallet card through the mobile app, a process that will become increasingly common as mobile payments advance, experts say.

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2. - Could currency wars make a comeback in 2014?

Currency wars: the buzz word that dominated markets early last year threatens to make a comeback at the start of 2014, judging by a rise in official rhetoric from Japan's neighbors about a weak yen.

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3. Re:Code - Bitcoin Is Good - A response to Paul Krugman’s Bitcoin Is Evil

We found Paul Krugman’s recent op-ed in the New York Times entitled Bitcoin Is Evil to be interesting so wrote a response on Re/Code entitled Bitcoin Is Good

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