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Payment News for today:

1. Digiday - Why Qualcomm’s Betting Big on Beacons

Retail brands and brick-and-mortar stores are abuzz about in-store beacons, the Bluetooth-powered devices that some believe will fundamentally change how people shop in stores. It’s a worthy experiment for retailers whose stores have been turned into showrooms for Amazon purchases. But why are tech companies interested in creating devices that will possibly help sell cardigans? Beacons have yet to prove to have a significant impact on in-store sales, yet tech companies big (Apple, PayPal, Qualcomm) and small (inMarket and Shopkick) are all developing their own beacon products.

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2. Mobileburn - iPhone NFC payments now official with AT&T Isis case

The Android monopoly on the Isis mobile payments system ended today with AT&T's announcement that it is now selling a specially made case for the iPhone that can make payments at NFC-enabled sales terminals. With the Incipio Cashwrap Case, AT&T customers can install a secure element chip in the case that turns the iPhone into a mobile payment solution.

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3. Financialexpress - Column: ‘Payments banks’ raise more questions

India’s payments landscape is poised for a major directional change if the recommendations of the recently released RBI’s Nachiket Mor Committee report are accepted. There are many aspects to the report. However, this column confines its scope to the subject of payments, specifically, electronic or digital payments.

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4. Businessinsider - Google Is Looking At How It Can Use Bitcoin For Its Payments Products

Google is exploring how to integrate Bitcoin into its products. The great Andy Greenberg at Forbes has the complete story. A marketing manager named Jarar Malik from Pakistan decided to email the CEOs of top tech companies in the U.S. to see if they would start accepting Bitcoin.

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