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1. CNBC - Target CEO defends 4-day wait to disclose massive data hack.

Since Target's original announcement that up to 40 million customer credit and debit card accounts had been hacked, critics have questioned why it took the retailer four days to come clean on the data breach. Now, for the first time since the security breach was announced on Dec. 19, Target Chairman and CEO Gregg Steinhafel is speaking out. While four days may seem like a long time for consumers to learn their sensitive account information was at risk, Steinhafel argued that it was lightning speed from Target's perspective

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2. Thestar - Royal Canadian Mint set to demo digital currency.

Using loonies and toonies to pay for your double-double could soon be an extinct experience for Canadians. Next week, the Royal Canadian Mint will unveil the latest step in MintChip, their research and development project that’s looking into a digital replacement for pocket change

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3. Isoandagent - Retailers Unifying Payments and Product Data Across Devices.

Platforms that serve as a gateway between retailers' existing systems and new mobile technologies can simplify the process of adding new mobile-based capabilities, including payments. 'You don't have to rip out everything to adopt mobile payments. It's one of those fundamental elements to ensure that you get this right,' says Todd Berner, vice president of retail solutions at Zebra Technologies.

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4. Americanbanker - A Clash Over Payroll Cards.

Just as they are getting to be more popular with employers and banks alike, payroll cards are attracting both legal and legislative scrutiny. The New York Attorney General's Office is investigating complaints about fees and some U.S. senators are calling for increased regulation

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5. Venturebeat - PayPal gets simpler: lets you pay without leaving merchant sites

Checking out with PayPal online is about to get a lot easier. Today PayPal introduced a new in-context checkout experience, which lets you pay for items at online retailers without getting redirected to PayPal’s site. The new process looks much simpler, and it should work better for less tech-savvy shoppers who may get frightened off by PayPal’s clunky redirects.

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6. Cryptocoinsnews - PayPal President says PayPal believes in Bitcoin.

This is really interesting. The PayPal president Marcus David has gone out in public telling us that they have no policies against using PayPal to buy and sell mining rigs AND that he and PayPal actually believes in Bitcoin. If this is good news or not for the current Bitcoin price is unsure. It could go both ways. See the tweets below.

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