New POS Penetration, iPhone with ISIS, University accepts Bitcoin, Card Fraud moving to US, Payment News

Payment News for today:

1. LetsTalkPayments - What’s the POS Penetration in US, Canada, UK; and Mobile & Contactless POS?

A recently published report, by a global Fintech, Payments & Commerce focused research firm Knowledgefaber, on POS Penetration in US, Canada and UK reveals that in US, about 63.5% merchants have adopted POS, and have about 1.90 POS per merchant store. While the conventional POS market is shrinking at a rate of -2.5%, mPOS is growing at a rate of 9.2% while contactless POS is growing at 81%.

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2. Periscopepost - NFC payments with ISIS finally, actually coming to iPhone?

The lack of NFC on the iPhone is a downer when it comes to using it for tap-to-pay purchases, but ISIS has long been talking about coming to the iPhone through a tie-up with case maker Incipio. Prototypes have been shown off, but now, the folks at Engadget have received the first concrete evidence that these things might actually go on sale.

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3. Gigaom - British university accepts course fees in Bitcoin

The University of Cumbria has become the first public institution of its kind to accept its fees in bitcoins – at least, for two courses that specifically deal with currency innovation. Located in England’s scenic Lake District, the university counts among its many courses a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership and a Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange, both offered through its recently-established Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS). For these two courses, it is trialling payment by Bitcoin, via a transaction service such as Bitpay.

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4. Bankinfosecurity - EMV: Card Fraud Is Migrating

As most international markets complete their migrations to card technology that complies with the Europay, MasterCard, Visa standard, criminals have turned their attention toward lingering non-EMV markets, such as the U.S., says U.K.-based card fraud expert Neira Jones. 'If we look at skimming, that's very prominent in the United States,' says Jones, who formerly oversaw payment card security and fraud at Barclaycard, during an interview with Information Security Media Group.

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